It's been a week long since I've been out of cyber space. It wasn't my modem, it was our area's port. Blame it on the crazy rain. I have been lonely during the days, there was nothing for me to look forward to, my internet was down, I could not chat I could not work, adorable hubby was out to work and there was just pure boredom left for me in the house. It is MegaSales alright, but I wouldn't want to burn a big hole in my wallet, so... I voted myself out from the world of malls.

Since there wasn't anything I could do at home but to sleep and do a little of chores, I bought myself 2 fabulous books to keep me accompany. I have always been searching for Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' and finally I found one in a hard cover, a recent edition with a foreword from Elizabeth Kostova who wrote 'The Historian', which was a very good book. (I read it here last year) I had enjoyed 'Dracula', and it would be nice to have met him in person, hehehe.

p/s: If you're interested, read 'Dracula' first, then only proceed with 'The Historian'.

The other one would be 'Helen of Troy' by Margaret George. It is a beautiful book, the wonders of love can do to your country, the war that killed many of thousands for the sake of a mortal daughter of Zeus. I don't know, I just had the sudden likings for old histories I guess. And speaking of that, I've been very in love with the myths and history of Greece, since the day I was taught in college about the beauty of Aphrodite and Athena, the great gods of Greek mythologies, and the voluptuous women that stole the hearts of young men in that era. I must find a good book of Greek mythology and have it on my book shelf. I must.

The weather in KL has been pretty bad. I have been down with flu and fever myself, and a bad cough that gave me a sexy and husky voice and a horrid laugh that scares away all evil things around me. Yes, it was that bad, but I'm doing pretty well myself now. It is the time of the year where everyone should fall sick and all the great doctors made their money, but my doctor has been complaining of boredom, the same sickness all his patients have; bores him. How about that!

I have tried new recipes at home for dinner. It was time for me to change the menu in the house. I couldn't feed my family of two with the same dishes that I've learnt a few from my mother, I needed to venture off to something new. I've tried Thai last few weeks, so I tried nyonya cooking this time. It fed us well for me and my husband, although preparations were a total mess. I will share them later in the coming posts. *grins*

I mated my two female hamsters with a male from a friend of hubby's. It was time to have some young ones in the house, not for me, but for my cuddly hammies. I hope that they are indeed pregnant, the male is a little bit of my disappointment I shall say. I don't think he has found the entrance to the female's womb. Or maybe he has a shorter manhood that's all. Or maybe I don't know. How would I know!

Things have been going on pretty quiet for me and hubby after the Volvo Hunt has ended. Yes, we have represented Malaysia in the finals, but we were never that lucky to bring home the story of a pirate, a pirate that brings home a treasure chest of gold doubloons and a key to the Volvo XC90. A Russian lady had that honor, and we salute her for her wisdom and pace. We shall wait for her story to arrive to our shores, and we will celebrate her triumph.

Right, I think I've been babbling a little too long. It just feels good to be back to embrace my online diary, to the world of cyber. *grins* I shall update more of myself next week, and not forgetting the tags I've had from a few of you out there... :)


Iced Nyior said...

when u get baby hammys...i want one!

zewt said...

eh, didnt tell the world whether u succeeded in your no smokig mission or not.

wah... represented malaysia in that volvo challenge... how cool is that! oh oh... did calv "enjoyed" your husky voice? hahahaha...

Cazzy said...

Just goes to show how the internet and technology have taken over our lives. Without it, we're staggering around aimlessly wondering what to do.

Tsk tsk tsk.

Well at least, you caught up with your reading. Sigh, I miss my mom's nyonya cooking.

Calvin's Wife said...

Iced nyior, Okie, can... if my hamie do ever get preggy... ;)

Zewt, right... catch the next post.. LOL I will tell how I am doing.... Calv run away larh when I laugh.. LOL and I dont think he liked me in husky.. kih kih kih

Cazzy, Oh yes indeed.... LOL no internet and I'm doomed... :P Poor girl, maybe you should take up your mom's cooking to NZ and let your friends try them! ;)

Calv said...

u ought to try this book called The Complete World of Greek Mythology. I think can be found in MPH or borders. i seen it somewhere before hahaha

Calvin's Wife said...

Calv, thanks for that info... i will go and check around.. oh and also i saw the book you recommended me.. 3 in 1 doesnt seem to be the complete of the actual 3 books. Perhaps I will get the 3 instead.