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Hmmm, I've been tagged by Cazzy of What Is My Secret. It's a tag bout myself again. I did a 5, now it's a 4, tomorrow might be a 6, next week would be an 8, LOL, and the list goes on.

4 Things About Me

Four jobs I have had in my life:

1. Cafe Waitress
2. Sales Attendant
3. Graphic Designer / Freelance
4. Part time housewife & part time tau keh neo wannabe

Four places I have lived:
1. Ipoh
2. KL
3. -
4. -

Four Places I have been on vacation:
1. Singapore
2. Thailand
3. Malaysia, LOL
4. Indonesia next few months, haha

Four of my favorite food:
1. Asam Laksa
2. Smelly Tofu
3. Pasta
4. Fish & Chips

Four places you would rather be right now:
1. By the BEACH PLEASE, clear white sandy beach~!!
2. In my 2.9 Mil dream home @ Ridgewood, Desa ParkCity *cries* I WANT~!!
3. In MPH, going through some good books
4. Acropolis, visit the temple of Athena.

Four friends to tag:
1. Jason Phoon from Jason Phoon
2. Itchy from Itchy Handseng
3. Fiona from The Zestful One
4. Daniel from Weird Denial

This tag is from Fiona, The Zestful One, she surely IS~! Right, so here you go. Here's my ABC and I want you to sing along with me.

A vast variety of Heineken Ads

A is for age:
24, I know, that's too old to like piggies but too young to be married. Whatever!

B is for beer of choice:
Heineken, I love their ads too!

C is for career:
Part time housewife, part time tauke neo, freelance graphic designer

D is for your dog’s name:
Doggie pets in my life: Starsky (maltese), Patch (erm, can't remember), Starsky (daschund), Mikey (schnauzer), Yogi (labrador x rottweiler)

E is for essential item you use everyday:
BodyShop perfume spray, nice smell but they can't stay on long, such a waste.

F is for favorite song (one only) at the moment:
The Ping Pong Song by Enrique Iglesias

G is for favorite games:
None at the moment

H is for hometown:
Ipoh, the place with the best hor fun and currently, with the best Wat Tan Hor in Malaysia. (I can't find any in KL that is nice at all, haiss)

I is for instruments you play:
Piano, stopped at Grade 6 for SPM, thinking of continuing though.

J is for favorite juice:
Honey Dew

K is for kids:
I only want 2, best if twins phoenix & dragon.

L is for last hug:
This morning from Darling hubby, muack~!

M is for malls:
Ikano & One Utama, near and convenient, LOL.

N is for name of your love:
Calvin Teh S.H

O is for overnight hospital stays:
When I was 6, had an operation for tonsils, something like that.

P is for phobias:
Loneliness and driving in a bad storm

Q is for quote:
“I am who I am"

R is for your race:

S is for status:
Just Married, ;)

T is for things you like:
Holidays, books and good friends to be with.

U is for underwear:
Boxer panties, ;)

V is for vegetable you love:
Broccoli and sweet potato leaves

W is for worst habit:
Erm, none that I know of at the moment, have I any?

X is for x-rays you’ve had:
Once, 6 years old, for my throat.

Y is for yummy food you know how to make:
Chinese Food & Thai ;)

Z is for zodiac sign:
Taurus, stubborn but caring ;)

Now you've learnt my ABC, I want to learn yours too... ;P And so, I shall tag:-

Bee Bee from Go Figure!
Jason Phoon from Jason Phoon
Calvin Teh from Recorded Moments
Cazzy from What Is My Secret


-jUsT- said...

i am who i am??? geezzz... i tot tat is my copyright... exactly 1 yr ago when i started my blog... the first post's title is i am who i am ler... my god.... haha...

p/s: i got the Cbox liao... hehe...

Jason Phoon said...

that's a lot of information to swallow !

that's a scary picture !

that's 2 tags for me to do ! Grrrrr ...

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Woah! Is that ur pic?? U look totally 'different'. Have a nice day.

Calvin's Wife said...

Justin, ;P hahaha, that phrase has been with me since I was 18... :P So its mine.. *bluek*.. right, will go and kacau your cbox.. LOL

Jason, *nods* yep! That's alot to know bout the person who kena the tag. So ok.. dont say so much.. go and do it now.. ;P

Horny, hie hie... haih, picture is just a picture... you can do wonders with it. *wink* Dont worry I dont bite, I mean, to Calvin yes, but to all of my friends no.. ;P