(=_=)" Another tag... Really, I think I have quite alot of entries of taggings on my blog. Me and Calv is planning to set up rules in our blog soon. Maybe not rules but a rule which says, NO TAGGINGS! LOL, what do you think? Sounds nice eh.

a. All references must have a link... preferable with some description on why you find the blog interesting

b. Please always remember to mention who tagged you so taht people can back tracked.. tis encouranges blog sharing... !!!

c. Please try to pass it on.. .tis also encourages blog sharing.. and just out of curiousity on how far it will go

d. Remember to alwiz inform the ppl you tagged .. since only one to two ppl is to be tag at each stop, lets see who is the one who doesnt give a damn and ends it..

e. Feel free to add in more questions.. i cant be expected to think about everything under the sun..

f. This tag is solely to encourage us to read more and to discover how many other interesting individuals who actually write good blogs out there... not intended to encourage traffic activities...

g. However, if ppl suddenly discovered the hidden gem in your blog & you start getting floods of reads & start to earn toones from NuffNang or Adverlets, remember to spread some of the love & moolahs....

1. Who's blog is a must read everyday?
A few of them actually, they are listed at my 'bloggerholic mates' column. All of them are my daily feeds. ;)

2. Who's blog is always informative?
LOL this one I gotta give it to Horny AngMoh, his blog is very well informative ;). Go to his site and have fun!

3. Who's blog is always funny?
Hmmm, let's see, there's a few of them that gets me laughing out loud. I think they've got to be Horny AngMoh's, Jason Phoon's and Wingz's.

4. Who's blog dishes out advice/sayings/advice that you actually listen to?
Hmmm, I think that would be Cedric's. He gives out rational advices and sayings to his readers. A very young chap with good thoughts. Other than that, none. I haven't stumbled upon any blogs that offers 'Dear Thelma's yet.

5. Who's blog would you highly recommend to others?
Friday brain teasers , Zewt
Japan GT Girls (for dudes only), Cavin
Beautiful songs that I've never stumbled upon before, Calvin Teh
Rocking songs from the 80's on every Friday, Kenny Ng

6. What was the funniest blog entry you read recently?
Can't really remember, but I think it has got to do with 'little tadpoles' and drought seasons. LOL, *winks* you know you yourself larh, yah!

7. What blog entry actually makes you think recently?
This has got to be Zewt's. This guy is the most wuliow blogger I've ever met through cyber space. He has so much time to come out with really really tough questions that gets the wheels of your brains spinning wildly. Each time you wanna go pay his blog a visit, brace yourself to question his questions.

8. Which online shopping blog that you actually frequent?
Nope, none at the moment. If you know any, please share with me, thanks, but I don't guarantee me buying.

9. Who are you going to tag?
Kenny Ng, but he don't do tags :( So I will end the taggings here. ;P Sorry, taggings pisses people off larh.

10. Who tagged you?
Calvin Teh


Kenny Ng said...

Thanks for choosing me, but I'm very very very sorry that I did mention I don't do tag anymore. Hope you understand it.

Calvin's Wife said...

;) No problemo, I go choose another victim k? :P

Calv said...

hahaha tadpoles.....i wonder who hmmm...

Calvin's Wife said...

Calv, hahahaha.... you know I know lor... *wink wink*

Jason Phoon said...

I agree .. lets not tag each other now haha ^_^

Calvin's Wife said...

HAhaha, I already put up a banner at my sidebar. :P

zewt said...

ahhh... i am a wuliow blogger... hahaha...

brace yourself for friday frolics!! coming right up!

Calvin's Wife said...

zewt, ngeheheheh... ahbo, if you're not wuliow then what leh? LOL, yes yes yes, todays is Friday and we shall crack our brains for you again. ;)

Wingz said...

i meni the lafu your new banner that say u dun do tag anymore!!! can do one for me anot jekkkkk? pulez?

Calvin's Wife said...

hello wingz, can ;) what do you want to put on the mini banner? Also must provide me the size you want, and the copy writing.

zewt said...

crack your brain for me again... it even rhymes!