The mini gathering around the

The sibuk bartender wannabe pouring
stuff into shot glasses

Right, and here I present you in rows,
Vanilla Vodka,
Bacardi, Coke, H20, Baileys, H20

And yeah, her first few attempts, or was it
her only first??

Yep! The shot must have went high up in her
membrane, LOL, she's all stoned... :P

Ahh, the birthday dude with his cake.
Happy Belated Again, Boy~!

It was a house warming party at Bernice's on last Saturday night. Arrived at 8pm and she had me replacing her as the host of the night for a couple of hours. *smirks* She had to pick someone up from somewhere so I was the one who welcomed the poor pizza dude who was left outside the house with no door bell to alert the other house mate inside, when I arrived. LOL, poor guy with his large dominos bag pack.

Anyway, me and Calv made ourself comfy enough to start pinching the roasted chicken and baked potatoes. Pardon us, but we were kinda hungry already and her friends hadn't showed up yet, cause I salah timing myself hahahaha... my bad. Finally around 8.45pm, people start to pour in her living room with their food, the noisiness starts to build up and the feast finally begins... without her, :P.

When she finally arrives with her 2 yo-yos, that's when the house went tumbling upside down. Hard liquors were brought out and that was when the roulette shots came into picture. Shots after shots of liquors and cokes and H20s were drained down into our throats, that's when PEOPLE start to act really weird. They start to hallucinate things, or hear things too clearly or too well. They tend to lure you to their kind of people and make you feel extremely happy. HAHAHAAHAHA, I'm not allowed to speak of their name for some security reasons. I may end up in Area 41 for no reasons! LOL LOL~!!

We played cards later on that night. Yea, I lost some of my buckeroos to this dude's casino. He had too many Black Jacks, dang! It must have been his deck of cards, it has his name on it. *gah* Oh well, better luck next time.

We ended the whole affair at 2.30 am. By the time we reached home, it was 3 am, we were really tired and kinda dizzy from the shots. I would love to get one of those roulette thingy for myself too. LOL, a very interesting gadget to have at home. :P


Calv said...

hehe..had a great night it seems...hmm good for u...without smoking i hope lol

Be3^Be3 said...

once again thank you for being the usher at the party...the nite would be better without some ..u know wat....haiz...anyways....we would have this activity the next time in the future with my beloved nicky...ahhahahah.... many times i say dun use that deck of cards.,,still use...kena catch up the car..damn...bye bye my 50 ringgit...bye bye meals for the next day!!
Once again..thank you very much for coming and for being there early..hehhehe,,,u save my life...
Oh Ya...Somebody is going to freak when i send her this page!!

Jason Phoon said...

all this on a weekday ? boy you guys are crazy .... :P

Huei said...

so fun!!!! hehehhe

Simmy said...

did you ask your friend where did he get the roulette thingy? i would want one too

Iced Nyior said...

got one nicer game. Called Strip or Shoot. 6 shot glasses in a circle with a spinning arrow in the middle. On each glass there are insturctions such as:

- Take off something from the waist up
- Take off something from the waist down
- take off something from the person on your left

and so on.... really good game.

I think you can get the Roulette and STrip and shoot game at the One Utama, old wing, near Rotiboy. I think the shop is called Gadgets

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! U all seem to have a good time! Anyone drunk??Have a nice day.

Simple American said...


You guys had quite a nice party! Been so long since I did something like that. Got to learn how to count those cards. I am no good at gambling. LOL!

zewt said...

how's the i-will-stop-smoking mission going?

Calvin's Wife said...

Calv, *grins* yes of course that went well...

Bee, hahaha woman... thanks for the night, we had fun, I did... :) Maybe we should start getting our own deck of cards, LOL... and I hope she did not freak when she sees this.. did she?

Jason, hmm, nope it was on a weekend... It was a Saturday.. was it? LOL yes it was..

Huei, yep it was!

Simmy, you can get it at Rooms @ One Utama, or Gadgets.. perhaps.

Iced Nyior, (=_=)" strip??? with friends around??? nononononono....

Horny, hello there, yeah.. someone konked out, LOL.. but it wasn;t me..

SA, yep.. it was fun you should try it next time in your party.. :P

Zewt, will tell the world tomorrow aight? :P