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The final puzzle is oh-my-god... me and Calv went up and down in and out trying to figure the blardi puzzle... and and and, no winners... imagine that, no one won... cos everyone letak answer yang salah. And Pro wasn't in the finals, and he had the solution, which I think is relevant to the hunt... it pointed to Volvo... *gah* ... my answer took me to Fiji, which is WRONG.

Tonight will be the second finale, since everyone got it WRONG, Volvo going to give us another puzzle to solve... and I don't think the answer is gonna lead us to VOLVO again, oh my oh my... tonight is gonna be a loooong night!! So sorry for the last post, am just totally nuts, excuse me. :)

Below is an Internet news I got from a site somewhere, it will enlighten you what's going on. Happy reading, and luck for me and Calv again guys!!

IRVINE, Calif., June 4 PRNewswire — Volvo Car Corporation is declaring a 'do over' in its global online treasure hunt after all 21 finalists failed to solve the final puzzle within the given 24 hour time limit this weekend. The 21 would-be pirates from all over the world gathered at their respective computer screens Saturday for their ultimate chance at claiming the prize — a trip to recover a treasure chest filled with $50,000 in gold doubloons and a key to a new Volvo from its watery depths 'somewhere in the world.' But it turned out that Volvo had all contestants 'at sea' with a final puzzle that proved too difficult for even the hardiest pirates.

"We really didn't see this coming," said Linda Gangeri, national advertising manager for Volvo Cars of North America. "Our Hunt has been tough from the beginning and we have been in awe of all the amazing puzzle-solving skills and sharp minds out there meeting us at every twist and turn. We really didn't expect to baffle our finalists with the final puzzle. Who knew a car company could keep 21 pirates from claiming precious treasure? For now, at least."

The wildly popular Hunt, a month-long multi-media campaign developed as part of Volvo's sponsorship of the Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, attracted more than 32,000 online contestants from 22 markets around the world. Participants solved a series of puzzles that led to a semi- final puzzle, Puzzle 21: World's End, posted May 31. The first contestant from each country to submit the correct answer then went on to compete in the Final Leg. All participating markets were represented in the Final Leg with the exception of Italy, who didn't have a participant submit a correct semi-final answer within the time limit.

The first of the 21 finalists to solve the 'do over' final puzzle Tuesday will be named the winner and receive a trip to the burial location to retrieve the chest filled with $50,000 in gold and a key to a new Volvo XC90. The finalists are:

— Andreas Aigner, Austria — Konstantin Popov, Bulgaria — Erin Chock, Canada — Dennis Leifheit, Germany — Cheuk Fung Leung, Hong Kong — Andreas, Indonesia — Yukio Takai, Japan — Siew Heng Teh, Malaysia — Patricia Gabriela Medrano Picon, Mexico — Liss Johansen, Norway — Aaron Joseph N. David, Philippines — Jarosaw Nowakowski, Poland — Ciprian Constantin Grosu, Romania — Alena Zvereva, Russia — Wilson Teo, Singapore — Jungtae Ahn, South Korea — Maria Qvick Faxa, Sweden — Shih-En Chen, Taiwan — Geranun Jiraboonyanon, Thailand — Karyn Burgess, United Kingdom — Deborah LaValley, United States

Forty-three-year-old Deborah LaValley from Juneau, Alaska, is ready for the challenge. LaValley, who participated in last year's Hunt too, is thrilled with this year's game. "I can't stop thinking about different scenarios or possible locations. I really have no idea what to expect. I'm just excited that I get a second try at claiming the treasure."

Once a winner has been declared, both final puzzles will be posted on The Hunt Web site for all participants to test their puzzle solving powers one last time.

About Volvo Cars of North America

Volvo has been building cars with Safety in mind for 80 years. The current 2007 model line-up of Volvo Cars includes: the award-winning S40 and its wagon counterpart the V50; the award-winning XC90; the sporty S60 sedan; the all-new S80 luxury sedan; the versatile V70 wagon and rugged XC70 (Cross Country); and the new C70 convertible with the innovative retractable hardtop.

Volvo treasure hunt blog:

SOURCE Volvo Cars of North America


the witch's broo said...

Hi Calvin's Wife,

Hohoho..... try and try. And Never say die.
Good luck!

Huei said...

wahh good luck!!! u will win wan!

since everyone else got wrong..and u r working so hard on it..u deserve to win!!

Calvin's Wife said...

Hie Witch's broo!! :) How are you doing laydeh!! Yes will try my best... and thank you for the wish.. :)

Huei, Thank you... :P I hope so!! LOL

Simple American said...

Go CW go!!! Wishing you the best.

Positive vibes!
Positive vibes!

Granun said...

Hi Calvin's Wife,

greate to visit your site
nice to meet you,

Let's enjoy this games next years

Geranun Jiraboonyanon, Thailand