If you have been an addict to Flo from Diner Dash, well, here you go again. Big Fish Game had another new version out and it's called Diner Dash Flo On The Go this time. Well, basically its all the same thing you can find and do in the previous versions, but this time with added features and customers, and she's always on a GO. LOL, she's supposing-ly up for a vacation but ended up losing all her luggages and caught herself helping out the troubled diners and restaurants along her way.

This time, she has her friend tagged along with her. I forgot her name,
haha, never mind, she's just a Keh-Leh-Feh in the game,
ngahahaha., a chef actually.

This version also provides a wardrobe selection for Flo,
you can change her outfit anytime you want and you could
also get more choices by unlocking levels in the game.
LOL I thought they would have some nude patch code or something
like the ones we get for The Sims, hahaha this one don't have,

The game has 5 levels, first would be a cruise ship, second
a locomotion train, third a submarine, fourth one would be a hot air
balloon, and the last one would be space ship, how cool is that!
And since all these vehicles move and trembles along the way,
they help you add more difficulty by spilling your customers drink
on the floor and you have to grab a mop to wipe them off before they
start giving you the kuciau look. (=_=)"

Right, other than the normal teenager girls, the OLs,
the annoying baby-fied family, the handphone freak heads
and the geeky old farts, hahahaha, ahemm..
this version has included tourists and lovey dovey couple pairs.
The tourists love taking pictures and so you have to help them
snap snap to gain extra tips and heart points.
The couple instead will only seat on a table for two, which is a pain
in the arse sometimes because table for twos are sometimes
being occupied by the tourists who comes in pairs as well.

And another thing that the love dover couple does is, smooching
in public areas, hahaha, and that totally grosses out my other
customers. When they are grossed out, heart points drop
and may effect on tipping as well. Couples must be served
ASAP so that they will not have time to do kissing scenes.
Other than the tourists and the couple, mamas and babies do come
visit the diners without papa and son, and vice versa.

Another obstacle for you besides the trembling mode would be
lights out for the night. Yes, you have to navigate the area with a
spotlight aka torchlight. It is a pain in the arse... >.<, you have to be
very alert of the surroundings.

Overall the game is quite easy till you reach the space ship diners. I'm currently at that level. Oh it is damn hard for me to even cross the second stage. Well, though I have a robot helper with me, I still cant reach the targeted goal of the day even though I managed to serve all customers fat and happy, *sigh*.

Anyway, I had fun, and if you like Diner Dash's previous versions, then you might want to consider downloading this game from any P2P software. No, don't have to buy it from Nuffnang's advertiser, ahahha, shhh... or from Yahoo!Games. Get it for free instead ;D. And oh, if you want to give Flo a nice vacation at the end of each level, try to reach expert score for each stage. I've not had any so far, would have to restart stages to reach expert score. ;) Have fun!

Recent update: Iced Nyior shared with us a link to Rapid Share, you can go to this link and download the game :D Have fun~!!


guaisaujai said...

Uhh....like very fun leh...i wan i wan....can just send to me?? :P


Calvin's Wife said...

(=_=)" no lor.. how to send to you leh? ... ZzzzZZzzz....

Iced Nyior said...

weh..is this a sponsered post ahh? :P

upload in rapidshare.com then put the link here so we can download :P im lazy to look for it. Hihihihi

ET said...

Pirates of the Carribbean... oops... Malaysia!!!

X said...

Can kill the customers like the Sims arrr? :P I will give the customer poisonous food...yay!

how big is the file, i will try and download it ..:P

Simple American said...

Sounds like a job. Can I spit in the soup for bonus points? lol

Gonna stick to World of Warcraft and Half Life 2 for now.

Anonymous said...
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Huei said...

wah cool

didnt know it's so fun! =D

Iced Nyior said...

Pirates,eh..i mean malaysians...you can download it from here...hihihi


Calvin's Wife said...

Iced Nyior, ngehehe no larh... and I dont use rapidshare, tak tau camner, LOL... haizz... anyway thanks for sharing the link, I'll put it up on my post... ;)

ET, LOL.... shhhh, dont la so loud, aiseh..

X, LOL no lor... cant do anything except serve the damn food to them... I think it's 13MB.

SA, LOL nope you cant! And, omg, you're playing that WoW thingy too? (=_=)"

Huei, yeh, you can go and try playing it... ;)

Princess Eileen said...

Used to play diner dash... But now my seat is in a bad position in office, so I don't even dare to play during lunch hour. No time for games at night too. Hehe... but seems like fun :)

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

I used to play Diner Dash too.. but got sick of it. Nice blog!