My cute little pinky night elves with
the sparkly pinky wisps... :P
Magic Magic~!! Conquered the whole map,
well, with a little cheat spell of course, hahaha~!

I know, I KNOW~!! (=_=)" The fever has gotten into me liao, geez. Here I am, blogging in the wee of hours after a game of WoW. *sigh* Please, I don't want to get addicted to this silly game just because I've accidentally fallen in love with the night elves while Calvin was playing with his ugly Ogres (>.<)... Even more deeper when I've got cute pinky sparks buzzing around doing magic!

Huuhhuhh, I have to stop this WoW virus in my home, get on with my silly yet fun Yahoo!Games, and blog at a proper hour of the day. Ngerhh, Kelvin Chai, if you're reading this; it is all because of you, ask you help me format pc but in the end you help me install this 'unholy thing' into my pc. Not a big deal, fine, but worst, you got mua hubby here addicted to it. And NOW, the missus too~!! *hmmphhhh!*

Fast updates: Hubby was sick on Saturday night with a tummy disorder, after our short bowling game, hubby vomited all his lunch (yes, dinner he skipped cause he thought he was still full from lunch's (=_=)") out *yucky yucky* after his visit to the doctor. Sunday worst, down with fever, and slept for almost the entire day. Finally made a second visit to the doctor for his fever.

Today was on Medical Leave, at home whole day 'manja-manja' (=_=)" with slight fever. Night came, a short visit to Jusco to get some stuff, bought new pc games (another gun shooting war game *sigh*) and came home right away to test it. Urghh~! Owh before that, he made a beaker of fresh orange juice purchased earlier at the fruit stall. LOL, guess that means he is seriously doing alright now. ;)

Oh no, 4 a.m now, I really need to get back on track with time, the humane way. Have been sleeping at this hour for the past 3 days, nursing my hubby for night medications with loads of TLC ;). Nighty Night~! Off to bed now, hope to be up by 12 p.m.


Simple American said...

Oh gosh. I might have to load Warcraft back on my PC.

Playing World of Warcraft too. Funny enough the only Alliance character I have is a Night Elf Hunter. Everyone else is Horde. I hate Gnomes.

Simple American said...

Hope your hubby is better too. Poor fella!

guaisaujai said...

Reading this reminds me my sweet Uni time...When I get sick, my gf took good care of me~*manja manja, hahaha.
Playin games, watching series, cook cook, play till 4a.m, wake up by 12pm...ah~sweet memories...

Jason said...

guaisaujai... u can try to get sick again wat. LOL.

Cazzy said...

Alamak! Not another WOW addict!!!!



Pfft, fark religion.

POor hubby. Hope he gets well soon!

jian said...

same here... when i sick i also manja XD hahaha.. end up she sick back then manja back.. swt ^^"

btw, hope your hubby will get well soon! :)

damn.. i miss hand itchy liaw.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Oh this game long time no play!Nowaday play C&C Tiberium Sun. So what game did hubby buy? Have a nice day!

Calvin's Wife said...

Simple American:
LOL, stay away from me, I dont wanna get back into that crime anymore LOL, kidding.... and yeah he is doing fine now, at work.. :P

Guai Sau Jai:
LOL, you want also can mah, juist like what Jason have said, LOL

ahaha yes, indeed... :P

:( I knooow. I'm not gonna go any near to that thing again, LOL. Stoopid me... Anyway hubby is well already :D.

LOL when I'm sick I got no one to manja with, cause hubby goes to work, so me alone manja with myself lor :(.... Please dont start playing WoW... >.<

Horny Ang Moh:
Erm, I think it's a German thingy BlitzKrieg (=_=)"....

X said...

What a coincidence :) , I have been busy drinking Nuka-Cola and playing Fallout Tactics during the weekends until I forgotten to sleep :S. I just love planting dynamics on merchant and traders to watch them explode. Wahahahaha. Good luck with the elves :)

iwan c.m.n. said...

oh no, you might have influenced me to go out and buy this game. Nooooo...!

zewt said...

wait till you get your hands on starcraft 2 !!!!!

Jason Phoon said...

erm , but you put up pictures of Warcraft 3 , not Wow ??huh ?

Calvin's Wife said...

You love killing dont you, you just love it and I can see the evil laugh of yours emerging from you whenever something just died in your game... tsk tsk... LOL

Iwan CMN:
LOL, you can try the game, but kalau sudah addict don't blame me pulak, heheheh...

Please no, don't intro to me these kind of games anymore... >.<

Jason Phoon:
Ehh, did I said that? Wait, *check post again*.. Ohh damn.. LOL, ok, me played Warcraft3, not WoW, but hubby did... O_o what's the difference? Sorry me noobie abit in this case.. LOL...