*grins* Today I am feeling extraordinary happy and pleasant.... Maybe because it is a Wednesday today which spells a movie night out later with hubby and friends, or maybe because I just woke up at the correct side of the bed, ngahahaha ... Or was it because Ed from Endoh's Pure Ranting Room awarded me with a "Rockin' Girl Blogger" award, dunno? *grins* It was so nice of him to present me an award which I didn't know existed at all...

Apart from thank-ing my papa and mama and fans and all for my award, I would also like to tell you why in the first place I created 'evelynholic.blogspot.com' with a 'cucu piggy' on my header and all the craps I've been blurbing for the past few years.

I was introduced to the world of blogging by an ex colleague of mine whom I first thought was a nice sweet girl who shared the same passion with me, of designing and smoking (ahemm, that time la, now quit smoking liao). I really thought she was a true person when suddenly I found out that she was not at all ALL THAT. She was painstakingly a backstabber and she's my ex boss's cock sucker till this very day... (mind my words)... ngarh.. Damn, I'm here to talk bout me, let's forget bout her, anyway she was the one who intro-ed me to the world of blogging, that's all.

I have a passion to write though my English is cacat (hey, when I'm in a good mood, I can really write proper English with flamboyant words when it comes to writing stories), I never had a diary before when I was young and so I made my blog an online diary which I know is kinda stupid. No one shares their diary content with anyone, let alone now on the world wide web, ngah~! Anyway, so I started with my first blog which I can't remember liao the name, then I had dirty-dancing-fairy and then now evelynholic. Say only my online daily diary, but those really tough times and top secret agendas were never really written down here in my online diary. ;) Those secrets shall remain in my heart and soul, hehehe.

So yeah, my blog today is made out from posts of the everyday things that I go through daily, only without the top secret ones lah.. ;) It is a place that I can virtually crap and blurb and sing and cry and whine and talk. It is also a place where I get to know people from all ages and all around, well virtually, but who cares ;). My blog has been part of me since the day I created it, and I had poured every single effort in beautifying it to reflect who I am. (I never studied html, and here I am editing a little bit of here and there, so yeah, kudos to me! Kih kih kih)

Oh the piggy is because I am born in the year of pig and I love plush piggies and those little cute decorative piggy items and feng shui ornaments, and the most important one, because my darling calls me 'cucu', ngeheheh.. cos I sleep like a pig and I can be really REALLY lazy when I want to.. :P. So if you're thinking of buying me a gift for Christmas or for my birthday, think no further, get me piggy and I'll be the happy piggy me. *grins*

Now since Ed had some sort "awarded" me, I have to reward others as well. ;) And so I shall present these awards to my blogger friends. Put these cut tabs at your sidebar and be proud of it! ;)

This award is presented to a blogger who is always full of
sunshine and zesty spirit. And for this award, I shall
give it to Cazzy of Over My Head. Read how she writes, she is always
full of spirit yakity yak, ;)

Thinking blogger award was made up to award
blogs that makes your mind goes pondering about facts
and questions and stuff unsolved. And this, I shall award
Zewt of As Zewt As It Gets. Read his posts and you'll know
what I'm talking about. ;)

Also to Ed from Endoh's Pure Ranting Room, how could I not award him,
he should be a politician for Singapore, ngehehe. His posts will get you
thinking and at times, they will even get you fuming with anger.

;) Really, these two bloggers should meet up someday
and I bet they could sit at the kopi tiam and talk for hours.

Chinese people used to say, the older a ginger gets,
the hotter it tastes. Therefore, this award is to award
hot mama/wife bloggers whom are sexy and desirable. ;)
So I shall reward this to Erina Law of Sembang N Talk.
She is a diligent taukeh neo and has 2 lovely kids with a good hubby
to manja with ;). She is a hot mama with a heart like a teenager.

Hmm, this award is for the awesome ones. The ones that
you would love to meet someday, cause he is just simple awesome!
LOL, therefore I present this award to
Horny Angmoh of Love & Horny Horny.. LOL...
His posts are awesome cause its always horny
and fun part is, they are funny! Also, he has been mistakenly
calling me Everly for erm, almost a year now(?) and I'm
already used to it liao.. LOL, this guy
is just awesome lah!

I will give this award to a laydeh whom i think
rocks. She is a person full of confidence
and she is smart. She has a beautiful husky voice too LOL
and the important ones are, she is outgoing and sporting.
And she is Fiona of The Zestful One. ;) You deserve it girl!

Also to my good friend Bee^Bee, LOL... now that
you're a whole new you, you have a great courage to
try something new and that is uber cool. Owh..
you know what I mean ;).


-jUsT- said...

"Cock sucker" as really suck ur ex boss cock or just describing her behavior? hahaha...

Cazzy said...

Alamak! You so nice! I've never won any title online before! *touched* I feel so privileged.

Haha. I know that 'cock-sucker'. Too much cock-sucking is bad for health. That's why I don't do it. In personal life or professional life. Oops, did I say too much? :S

Calvin's Wife said...

wah, it is actually describing her behavior, as in really sucking his u-know-where, that wan I am not sure... but i wouldnt be surprised though if she did ;)

Calvin's Wife said...

LOL cazzy, professional life i understand why lah... but personal life why not? LOL...

Cazzy said...

Hahahahahaha. Giving head is just not my thing. I told my bf from the start that I don't give head. Nak, taknak? Tak mau sudah!

He no problem oni. Ok la! He happy, I happy, everybody happy!

Alamak, like sex forum pulak.

Calvin's Wife said...

Hahahaha, wah good lah you! Powerr... I shall learn your phrase.. "Nak, ke tak nak... tak mau, sudah!" LOL...

ET said...

Haha... get awarded back. LOL! Thanks babe.

I don't think I want to be a politician. I refuse to see myself among the ranks of individuals who prize their obsession with power more than their responsibilities.

X said...

Wah....Rockin' Girl Blogger" award wor...

OK, can I start a fan club and be a Evelynholic?


Simple American said...

Congratulations. You do rock! :)

Calvin's Wife said...

Ed, ;) LOL, then you shall be the good guy politician... and make everything right for your country.. no? Ngeheheh

X, (=_=)" you ah.... *piak piak*

SA, thank you ;)

zewt said...

this thinking blogger is pissed cos streamyx went dead for 2 days and i couldnt do anything!!!

you rock girl... truly!

Huei said...

wah so many awards!!! =D

Calvin's Wife said...

Zewt, kih kih kih, your turn now ah? LOL... aih streamyx sucks as usual lor, mine also like this before, and dont hope they are gonna attend to your report ASAP, maybe a week from now lah... you better start bugging them or else....

Huei, yah, cute tabs eh? ;)

Anonymous said...

does it come with cash prize ?

Calvin's Wife said...

Hahaha... too bad no lor...

Benghan said...

So where's my award? =(

Calvin's Wife said...

;) dont have the most commercialized blogger award... or else i gave you liao .. hehehe

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Woah! Tq tq tq sooooo much! For yr comment! U just made my day. Whole day can see but not 'poke' ie I can view blogger entries but cannot comment! Something wrong with blogger.com or it is my 'holy' office computer banned blogger.com? Anyway Tq against! Have a nice day!

Calvin's Wife said...

LOL Horny, you're welcome... ;) I think blogger.com got problem, sometimes they are updating their services... you so cautious I dont think your holy office detected gehh.. LOL

erinalaw said...

*tears roll down*. I am so damn kum thong (so touched). What can I say somemore. You make my day, lenglui and ........ I AM SO HAPPY!!!! I like the button - very nice........ going to show my hubby later

Calvin's Wife said...

LOL Erina, aiyooh... you deserve it lah hot mama ;) and yes your hubby must know that and be proud of it! Tell him that he is lucky to have a good wife and a charming one like you, so tonight he must take you go eat good food to appreciate you ;).