*sigh* Today is a very very exhausting day for me. I'm freaking tired. I had just came back from the immigration department. So yeah, we (mom, step-dad & Calv) left home around 9am, fetched hubby to work, then proceeded to the immigration department at PBD with my parents. I'm gonna do point form posts today, am too tired to type so much.

Reason to be there: Extend step-dad's visa
Procedures:Filled in form IM55, went to Level 2 and wait for number. After 15 minutes, officer asked us to go 'minum dulu' cause it's gonna take sometime to view step-dad's reasons to extend his stay. After 30 minutes, came back, waited for another 15 minutes, officer told us to go up to Level 5 to meet the higher ranked officers. Fine, went there and submitted documents, fella in charge told us to come back after 2pm, WTF. Oh by the way, only 2 counters were operating.

Fine, then I went to Hartamas's Maybank to have some things done. Proceeded to Plaza Damas to have a cup of coffee at Starbucks. p/s: Frappucino Azuki totally sucks bad bad time. Went to their supermart to have some ingredients for tonight's dinner. Paid then ciao.
Came back to Level 5 at 2pm, waited for 15 minutes cause immigration department's clock must have been very slow to reach 2pm. KNN. Right, big rank officer called in mom and step-dad to talk, bla bla-d, crap and crapped, took almost 30 minutes-45 minutes, told us to go back Level 2 to wait again.

CB, waited again, 20 minutes, agreed to spare step-dad 5 months of stay without in-out- of country. Great, waited again to pay RM100, another 30 minutes. Finally done, paid, buzzed off. End of story.

Almost got home: I forgot to buy cucumbers, not for molestation purposes, it's for my 'gou lou yuk'. ;) So proceeded to Jusco to get cucmbers and soft drinks. Remembered I need to get a sheet of 100 stamps (30 sen), went to their post office and bought them. Ciao. Reached home tired and here I am, still dedicating myself to complete today's post.

Right, now I have a story to share. It happened yesterday and I was pretty freaked and scared for a friend of mine. Well, not exactly my friend, he is Calvin's colleague but also my bowling rival, ;). The poor boy, his house almost got into a fiery flame. It was around 9.30pm when we received a call from another colleague of his telling us his house was on fire. Gosh, we were worried and since his house was a kilometer away from our apartments, we went.

Oh my, people were crowding the area and since the fire was near to the main road, onlookers slowed down and caused a major jam on both lanes. Things were burning, flames were high. The old wooden market stalls were burnt down and the fire was spreading to the front area, to a sundry shop, a chinese shop that sells praying stuff (what do you call them btw?) and a restaurant. Next to the restaurant was a brick building shoplots in which, Calv's colleague was staying. When we saw him, his colleague, he was all down and worried looking. Calv consoled him, and you could see this poor guy's eyes were kinda watered. So sad.

So, 5 fire trucks came, yes 5, imagine that, a few police cars were there, helping to put out the fire and all when suddenly we heard mini explosions, yeah, the gas tanks from the restaurants exploded. Creepy and scary. Onlookers were everywhere, even into the 'do-not-cross' line, typical Malaysian who do not care for their own lives just so they can K-Po.

The front fire, after the market stalls behind
were burnt down to the ground.

It was after an hour when the fire was put out. Onlookers gradually left the scene, volunteer parties were still around to assist, and the authorities and reporters were still there. Calv's colleague were finally let in to his home. Nervously, he went up to his floor to check. Luckily his home was not affected, the walls were very hot though. A little thing was burnt, well actually melted from the heat. His hamster survived, the lucky hamster! I almost got myself in tears when they told me his pets were still in the house, and since we thought his quarters were affected in the fire, I thought the pity animals were barbequed. *sigh* We offered to take care of his hamster that night and it is still here now. We'll wait for Calv's colleague to settle his things properly, everything, before returning him his pet.

Oh, his dog was out earlier and his cat took off from the house when it felt the heat. ;) smart animals. No one got injured and nothing died. Only the market is gone now and the 3 shop lots. Thank God Calv's colleague's home is still standing and nothing bad has happened.

A few tips when your next door is on fire:
  • Never leave your jewelries in the house, watches, wallet, etc.
  • Because of safety and you had to evacuate from your house, always keep an eye on your house from an appropriate distance.
  • Firemen tend to steal things when they are on the "check to see if your house is not affected" or "see if the flames all died out" mission.
  • They stuff the stolen items into their orange uniform. You will never notice them. ;)
How I know?
  • A family who was there shared their experience with us.
  • Be smart but always value your life. ;)


Endoh Taiki said...

Reminds me of the two fire last month over my place. But yours over there is so much bigger... must be exciting. GO GO GO GO GO GO...!!!

I hope this doesn't offend Msians but since I have Msian relatives I know the system a little. With "a little" money, you can even spare yourself the waiting and have the documents delivered to your doorstep. That's how my uncle make things faster and easier for his foreign workers. At the expense of the company of course...

X said...

Makes me wanna be a Fireman :):):)

Cazzy said...

Eeks! That is indeed scary! Whenever I see a place on fire I always have this awful 'what if my house catch fire' feeling. And all those disastrous mental images start popping in my head. And I'm so glad the hamster survived the ordeal. Poor wee thing. It prolly didn't remember a thing with it's puny wee brain and short term memory?

Yeah, I've heard about Msian firemen. It's nothing to be surprised at cause everything govt is so corrupted. Same goes to the friggin immigration. *Sigh* Sad.

Jason Phoon said...

whoah ! glad to hear about the animals surviving !

but really , fuck those corrupt fireman. must be because the government not paying them enough.

and to make things faster by paying a little extra ? typical government again.

Huei said...

BIG RELIEF to hear the animals are safe!!!!

haih..stupid msians..they have license to steal!

however much the gomen pay them oso the same wan lar..it's called GREED..and the way they were brought up..i'm surprised they came..i tot they always say stuff like "sorry no ambulance/police/bomba" >.<


glad ur fren's house is safe! =D

Calvin's Wife said...

Endoh, LOL on the go go go go thingy, hehehe, reminds me of a chinese TV series.. LOL. And no Ed, you are not offending us Malaysians because they are real. Pity huh...

X, so that you can steal too? Or be a real hero? Which one... LOL

Cazzy, oh yes it was scary I tell ya. Imagine yourself being trapped, my... Hamster is safe and sound now and is currently sleeping like a hammie does, so I guess he's forgotten about the fire, hahahha.

Jason, don't only fuck the fireman, fuck the rest of their same community too, the G. All of them are the same, stoopid asses!

Huei, and yes, no point paying them higher, it's not that they are gonna get dedicated to their job or what. Damn kao lazy and damn kao not on time. Raise pay dee then what we get? Hike on our major food products, kanneh... haih, damn sad case... ask them go and die lah. No eyes to see...

guaisaujai said...

Sigh...not a news anymore for G link services.. =___= They never change....
Wait...I thought they get their pay increased already???!!
Y still in slow moving and I think even they get enough pay, they will still do the same....

Slow services.... "Officially" steal stuff when they can...and corruption...

Princess Eileen said...

I am surprised to hear about the fireman stealing things. That's a ear-opening statement for me.

And 3 cheers for the smart animals (dog & cat) and one lucky hamster. Hope your friend is doing okay with the trauma.

Endoh Taiki said...

Haha, it's better to be careful since I get bitch-slapped for saying such ugly things about another country when mine is no better. I wouldn't say it's a pity... but rather who will eventually be the one to put a stop to it? Politics & civil service - at the end of the day can get really dirty.

BTW it's not A-Go-Go dance... it's FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!

X said...

Err...be the real hero and at the same time get free stuff...:P

Calvin's Wife said...

Guaisaujai, hello there! ;) Pay increase or not, they will always be the same....

Princess Eileen, hie, yes, when I first heard about them I was kinda shocked too. I was speechless actually....

Endoh, LOL, yes yes of course, no country is ever perfect. There's only one way to change the way our G looks like, by election.

Well, if they win again, then we'll have to bear with them all sorts of nonsense AGAIN. If they loose, hell break loose.

X, LOL... I'd rather say you be the hero, not the free stuff thingy... hahaha