I missed a post yesterday, I was not at home, I was out the whole day. I had a meeting with Susan at One Utama, a monthly meet up actually. We met up for lunch at Mardi Gras (one 's' only, pardon me pictures, lazy to re-edit ;P) at the Lakeside Promenade.

Spaghetti Marinara

The food there was nice and affordable. They were having set lunch promotions and I ordered Spaghetti Marinara. It was an executive lunch set for RM18.90++, it came with a bowl of yummy mushroom soup, a glass of coke and a saucer of coffee ice cream with peach halves. Nice. Susan ordered something else, chicken something, forgot. Anyway, food was good and we had a glass of beer each after our food. It was a RM10++ per glass during happy hours from 12pm - 10pm. Not bad.

Susan & Hanz peeking me
stealing snapshots of the area

The bar side

Outside seatings and another
bar area a few steps upper

The atmosphere around Mardi Gras was nice and pleasant. It was air-conditioned and open aired at the same time. Cool, Susan said the place would be better enjoyed during night time. There would be good music and girls dancing on podiums. I would love to visit there again sometimes later, perhaps a night visit this time. Oh and no, no gays were found working there, so don't worry. ;)

Ended my meeting with her around 5.30pm cos she need to be ready by 7.45pm for her supervisor to pick her up from work. Well yeah, she is one of the Marlboro hot steamy girls ;). So she has to work at night, eyy, pay high wan okay... dun play play. Anyway I shopped for an hour, sigh yes, damn it. Here it goes again. Spent another Rm120 for some tops. Agrhhh!! Bad bad BAD!!!!

Took off to proceed home, stopped by a restaurant to get 2 packs of Duck Rice for dinner, went to pick up hubby from his work, then went home. We ate then talked a little, bathe and got ready for our next outing to Midvalley. *tired tired* A friend of ours booked tixs for a 9pm Transformer movie. So we left house at 7.45pm and got to the cinema at 8.30pm.

GSC screwed up big time yesterday. Their system was a mad loco and everything was upside down. Our movie was canceled to 9.45pm and there were people fuming with anger cos they had already bought tixs for 9pm and it was canceled, so they demanded refund, bla bla.. I've got no time to care anyway. My movie was delayed and I'm getting a little bit more weary already.

9.45pm came and we watched the movie. Movie was cool. I enjoyed the transforming sound, hehehe, how I missed the cartoon series so much. I have nothing to complain on the movie. It was funny and nice. It is good enough that Hollywood is bringing back the old cartoons into blockbuster movies. I'm waiting for more to come.


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

One Utama got gay* wan?? Whenever I go to one utama I usually hang around the Enoes looking at car product.But I do know very big if not carefull ur leg will fell off walking so much. Tommorrow is TGIF!! Have a nice weekend.

guaisaujai said...

Wow!! The spaghetti looks very nice leh!! I should go and try next time..
Like spaghetti very much..:P

Calvin's Wife said...

HOrny, LOL.. no lah, its the name of the bistro only... LOL... yep its friday today! You have a nice weekend yourself too ;)

GuaiSauJAi, Hie hie, yep the spaghetti is nice.. go try, you'll like it ;)