*humming and dancing to the song*
"So this is love, dada de dummm"
*swirl and twirl*


Wolfberry Post Updates

Actually peeps, you can add the wolfberry fruit into any dish you want. The fruit itself is sweet, it is a natural sweetener for your dishes, besides dates. I add them into my steamed vegetables, any soup too, from chicken soup to pork soup.

You can also boil the wolfberry with water and drink it like that. ;) Just get a packet of wolfberry fruit and you can do wonders with it. It is the wolfberry that helps you improve your eyesight, not the soup, hehehehe.

p/s: Cazzy, I would be happy to courier down some chinese herbs to you if NZ is ok with food stuff courier-ing. Can you make sure of this? Or else you will get fined, hehehe.