As promised my friends, pictures and more pictures of my recent trip to Terengganu, well, it was a 2 days 1 night stay and a freaky 5 hours plus worth of driving, but it was fun. We left KL at 6 am and reached Awana Kijal approximately 12.30 pm (after ding dong-ing at R&Rs and wrong turns).

To make my story short, I'll just let you have a look at them pics with added notes. ;) Kah kah kah, sorry lah, too tired to blab, just came back from town. I know you won't mind, tee hee hee.

Awana Kijal's interior architecture building,
I like them actually.

A tub in your room (club's member room), how cool is that?!
Yes, you can have some kinky strip bath show thingy
but sorry, room was shared with another couple,
kah kah kah, foursome you said?!!! LOL ewwww....
no way~!!

Remember this? Kih kih kih, I'm all rusty,
can't even remember how to play them anymore.

The lovely beach, nice sandy clear water beach.
Being at the beach just makes you forget KL,
wouldn't it be lovely to own a house by the beach? :D

Mr.DearDear soaking his feet in the calm sea...

The beach

The beach again, such a lovely day.

Me and Mr.DearDear

And of course, a vacation will not be complete without
you savoring the local food! I present you
laksa in white sauce. The sauce or soup, is a little
bit different from the normal malay laksa.
This one is kinda sweet, hahaha, but tastes nice!

Satar and otak-otak, both contained fish
meat and a little bit of sambal. Satar's sweet, whilst
otak-otak is a little bit spicy, and sweet too.
I guess the people there just love to have sugar
in their food?

Lemang, best thing ever I had in Terengganu,
lemang and rendang ayam, whoaa siok!

Of course, dried food products and keropok lekor
are a must-have on your list! I bungkus-ed home
30 strips of kukus-ed lekor (1 ft long and 10 cms diameter),
10 for my step-dad, 10 for my sister-in-law and 10 for myself,
kih kih kih.

Overall, the trip was kinda tiring but fun. We had loads of makan session and I tell ya, for that 2 days itself, I went to 'bu bu jiew' at least 6-7 times. :P Chilli here Chilli there, who wont go toilet ler. :P Well, Awana Kijal is a great place to stay, but of course it's price is also 'good' lah. Their beach is clean and clear and definitely a nice spot for you to go sun bathing. You can have loads of fun activities there with your family like beach volleyball, big chess game, cycling, tennis and loads more. They even have a spa center for you to go to after a tiring day. ;)

For more info, you can always log on to and check it out. A place not to be missed, ;).


X said...

Ohhh..So close by, me and woa woa could have come by and crash your party and Woa Woa can help you finish the otak otak and Satar....:P

I was at Awana just yesterday....wukakakaka, i think i saw you left some bulu kaki there...


BtW Kuala Kemaman's Otak otak and satar is the best, just a couple of miles away from Awana only ...:P

ET said...

I want that bath-tub!!!! No girl attached - it's OK!!

Is that the bamboo rice? If it is, that's good stuffs! I only had the chance to try it once even though it's a very simple thing. I love the aroma after cooking.

Now you make me have the craving for the Portugese seafood in Melacca. :(

Iced Nyior said...

i looveeee satar...yums!

erinalaw said...

So shiok........... The bath tub is a good place to soak ourselves but not with so many ppl around lar off course.

Huei said...

ahhh awana kijal! brings back memory..had my best "camp"/school trip there! love that place!!

i wana go to the beach!!!!!

Cazzy said...

One word... J E A L O U S !!!!!!!!

I want otak-otak. *cries*

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

U & hubby seem to have a very good time! I like that bath tube! U & hubby should book the time for the tube mah! Then I am sure got very good time together!Have a nice day!

Princess Eileen said...

Evie, I stayed in awana kijal for up to 2 months plus.. added up together. The longest I stay is around 5 weeks straight. hahaha, I love that resort and I swim too much in the swimming pool.

My first job requires me to go to KMM to work sometimes and we get to stay in awana kijal. I miss KMM in a way :)

Glad you have fun and the photos are BEAUTIFUl!!! You should have asked X to bring you around... kinda his place

Calvin's Wife said...

Hais, mana gua tau you near Kemaman jek? (=_=)" I thought you Pahang people.... :( But yea I had the satar and otaks from Kuala Kemaman, I think. :D They are good!!

Yeah it is bamboo rice and it is indeed niceee... and especially if you savor it with rendang, ooaahh.. :D LOL, ET, then spare some time to go Melacca and eat. Nearby only ma.... hehehe

Iced Nyior:
Hmmm... they are nice, but I prefer otaks, :D

Erina Law:
LOL, yea... wished could have used it... :(

It is a nice place indeed eh? ;) The beach is so nice..

LOL, maybe you want to try finding recipes and do it yourself there?? Then maybe you can open a kiosk liao...

Hor ny Ang Moh:
I like it too :(, but paiseh la to ask my other friends to ciao from the room hahahahha....

Princess Eileen:
:( I didnt know he is near there ma... me dont understand him as much as you do understand him ma.. ngek ngek ngek.. LOL LOL..

Princess Eileen said...

Macam ada isi tersirat saja... Saya ni fikiran simple saja... tak faham kena lu ngek ngek ngek dan LOL LOL

Simple American said...

You cannot wink wink nudge nudge the other couple to take a walk on the beach for an hour so you can take advantage of the tub. Of course you take a walk later on so they can have their fun too.

Beautiful place. What a beautiful land you guys live in.

Russ said...

Looks like a great break! Glad to see that u and ur dear dear had a good time... I also want that tub in my room! :)