I am tired and one of my hammie

is lost in the house. I don't feel like
and talking today.

Gonna catch The Simpsons
hope it is good.

Gonna try

steamed fish fillet for dinner.
If it turns out good, will share.

Will update again tomorrow.


Nux Vomica said...

hie, cheer up ;-)
Lookin' forward on your 'fishy' post ;P

hao said...

The Simpsons will cheer you up tonight, no kidding! I watched it d marrr... lol

Btw, the hamster hor, make sure your room is fully sealed, so it won't go outside. Then put some food on the floor, so if you find that the food is missing, means your hamster is still alive and doing well, look out for the pee and poo to narrow down your search. Pray that there's no cat around and the one eating the food you pour on the floor is not your house rat. Most of the time, the hamster will appear back somewhere around its cage.

*drink water*

guaisaujai said...

Cheer up!!

I heard ppl say the Simpsons so damn funny wan...

Some more nice fish for dinner later...
Later sure happy~

happy happy~

X said...

Hammie please come back home ......

Jason Phoon said...

yes hammie , please come back home. be a good hammie okay ... goood goood hammie

iwan c.m.n. said...

piccies = pictures

hammie? hamburger izzit?

tehehe..jk. hope you found it. tomorrow i want to watch simpson lah macam ini..!

Jason said...

I watched the simpsons just now! rox!!! SPIDER PIG SPIDER PIG~ wahhahaha.. super funny la

Simple American said...

Hope you are feeling better. Sure the Simpsons will cheer you up.

I remember hamster sitting in college. Talk about the great escape. I found them all though. Phew!

Cazzy said...

Poor Evie Beavie. Cheer up! It soon shall pass.

Btw, I want to apologize for delaying to send your chocolates. I bought them early last week, wrapped them up and everything.

But, due to cut throat visa money wanted by the NZ government, I am totally and utterly broke. I'm so broke it's not funny. I had to survive on $2 for almost a week.

Don't fret, I will send them asap once I've got sufficient funds to spare. I bought my mom chocolates and they have been sitting in my drawer for almost 4 months already. It's such a massive and heavy block of chocolate I reckon will cost more than $20 to post.

So hopefully, by the time your next period comes, you will have yummy chocs to munch on to sooth your mood swings.

Take care evie beavie!

Princess Eileen said...

Take care Evie.... Hopefully Simpsoms movie will cheer you up! And I also hope that hammie will appear soon!!!

Calvin's Wife said...

Thank you :P very much.. I will..

Huh.. my hammie confirm gone liao.. I think it went to the balcony and... I dont wanna continue... :(

LOL, yes yes The Simpsons was pretty funny... and Homer is really a big boo boo in the movie LOL..

:( gone case liao

Jason Phoon:
*cries* gone liao ler....

Iwan CMN:
LOL, ok piccies.. hahah a new word for the day... yes go and watch simpsons.. its good

Yes, and I thought only girls like piggies... (=_=)"

Simple American:
lucky you.. :( i can say bye bye to mine... :(

LOL, cazzy, no worries, today only I'm gonna send you your stuff.. Hahahahha... sorry for the delay too... :P last month broke.. hehehe If you know why I'm broke lah.. LOL And thank you in advance... :P

Princess Eileen:
Thanks girl, it cheered me... and forget bout my hammie.. ;) Its gone dee..

Huei said...

y ur hammie gone????

Calvin's Wife said...

:( terkeluar from the cage..

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Aiyoh! What happen to hammie??Eaten by cat?? Whish u all the best & hope u r cheerfull today!

Calvin's Wife said...

Horny AngMoh:
No ler, I think she committed suicide :(

Russ said...

I wanna eat steamed fish too!! :( :( :(