People, PEOPLE~!! Calm your nerves down!!!

What the heck is going around here in my blog larh?!

First of all, I'm getting spams by unknown
people who uses political party names to create
a chaotic craze in my chatbox.

Second, I'm being threatened CYBERLY on blogspot
for writing things that are 'extra sensitive'.

Okay people, time to tone down our madness
before things gets out of hand, aight?

We've already expressed out our opinion and
so let's just give these respectful people some face by
deleting my previous Gwen post, if that
will make them gleefully happy.

Right, and secondly, please do not leave comments
on this post, well, you can, but not on this matter.
Keep it easy peeps, I hate deleting my posts for no
good reasons aight?

So there. Problem solved, everyone is happy
and so be it. WEEeeeEee~!!


Cazzy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KennetH said...

remember..peace begin with a smile~

X said...

Farts............ :P Leganya ,,,:P

Jason Phoon said...

lets try to get evie arrested ..

just kidding just kidding !

jian said...

aiks what happen? *blur*

but hope everything will be okay back

X said...

Very sorry about Hammie. My Woa Woa wants to do a montage for you to help find your Hammie. If Hammie is surfing the net, hope he will find his way back ..:P

Simple American said...

It is sad you cannot post your mind without someone stinking up your comment box.

Peace! Peace!

Iced Nyior said...

hey babe..what happened eh? *blur as usual*

anyway hope its all settled now. Just delete those idiotic posts

Princess Eileen said...

Aiyo, macam macam ni... Cannot even voice out what we think... We should create some of own language someday "bloguage". Kekeke

Calvin's Wife said...

(=_=)" It sure does~!

Dei... come and fart in my blog!!

Jason Phoon:
Huuhh, for what reason? For a stoopid post on Gwen??

Its okay, nothing happened ;)

:( *cry cry cry* My ham hammmm...

Simple American:
Yes it is, that's a thing with being a Malaysian...

Iced Nyior:
Haih... and I think the idiots are peeps kinda you know.. :P Haih WTF, anyway they are just ignorant peeps.

Princess Eileen:
Wahahah yes yes, we should someday create our own vocabularies.. maybe something like what zewt does, wahahah.. ;)

Huei said...

ignore them! they're just stupid kids or arseholes who are waiting for shit to come out after they've eaten!

blog whatever u want..i sappot u!!! heehe it's ur blog..u have ur rights to write whatever u want..ignore those stupid trashers..they're just jealous! =D

Calvin's Wife said...

Whoa laydeehh~!! Cool down, I know what you're trying to say ;) No worries... there'll be a day, and when that day comes... we'll see.. ;)