Ya know, it has been 50 years Malaysia has gotten her Independence, duh. No, am not going to compose neither a song nor am I going to direct an MTV, I just wanna say a few things here, stuff that has been going through my mind for quite sometime actually.

I have been visiting ‘restricted’ sites, blog hopping sometimes (when I have the time), and have been to a few sites with good reading materials for me to broaden up my mind and point of views. I have to say, these sites do really make a great impact on your mind and it changes your way of thinking. Well, of course, you gotta know how much to believe and how much not to. Always remember not to fully trust the medias ;), make your own judgment by searching facts and evidence, and always listen to both parties when engaged in an argument. (cheyyy, like big timer only hahaha)

Anyway, I would like to state here that I do love my country Malaysia a lot, seriously, no joke (I said not joking looor, hishkkk). Maybe I only love the positive things that Malaysia provides me with, the peace she has, nature-disaster free, the great multi-cultural people, and the food of course. These are the things that made me a proud Malaysian and though not many people from around the world knows Malaysia, I’ve always tried my best describing to them the best things in Malaysia and its location (yea yea, the same old ‘situated between Thailand and Singapore’ thingy, hahaha), and they find Malaysia a beautiful country (show pictures to them somemore)!

P/S: Tell me, when a friend or customer of yours from let’s say, Spain comes and visit you in Malaysia, you will bring him or her around town won’t you? Sure thing, and occasionally your friend will tell you that Malaysia’s a beautiful place, right? Right, and when he tells you that, your heart always soar with pride and joy, si? Of course! So now my friend, you actually now know that you love your country plentiful, cause you share the pride and joy of being a Malaysian. Si, no??

So what is the negative side of Malaysia you might wanna know? Well, I assume all countries have their own issues to deal with and those negative issues are the ones that keep a country united and strong. Just like marriage, no arguments means not healthy lah, something is very wrong; same applies to a country I guess. Malaysia is just as the same as the States, Singapore, Argentina, Spain, whichever country you wanna name, they all have problems, normally politically.

Malaysia’s general election day is coming soon and I guess everyone in Malaysia could already feel the tense, si? No doubt, every political party are trying their best to show their best, trying their best to eliminate the other parties, just like a football league (since you guys love football so much), the good ones stay, the rotten ones out! The only difference between a football league and a general election is, in a football league, you can place your bets on a team and hope to make a few hundred bucks richer that night but in a general election, you have to cast a vote and that vote could change the way how Malaysia will be in the next years down the road. (means, don’t play play, must think properly, analyze what’s going on in Malaysia, and make the proper decision when voting)

Tell me if I’m wrong, but this year’s upcoming general election sounds a little bit scarier to me. Political parties are being hardcore this year I guess. A lot of controversial affairs have been going on and it’s mind confusing for some of us Malaysians, especially me. Well, we’ve never learned political stuff in school, not me, and I’ve always hated that because I think it’s pretty boring. My dad used to hear speeches and things like that on TV, and when asked why, he said it’s for him to know which party is worth his vote, maybe I was just an ignorant school girl at that time. Of course, like my dad and the rest of the voters, I’ll make sure my vote goes to the best party that promises us a bright future (and make sure that that particular party practices what she preached).

Well, I’ve something to say, might be a little offensive but dang, I’m a Malaysian and I should care for her just like the rest of her people care for her right? Right, so people, judging by the way I see or read on sites or news or whatsoever medias, don’t let any parties out there plant hatred in you towards other races. No, you must not, remember that our grandfathers had fought together for Independence; they loved Malaysia as how we love her right now. Malaysia’s Independence was fought with Mutu’s grandpa’s blood, Ali’s granduncle’s blood and Ah Seng’s grand-whoever’s blood (my grandpere is one of the Gurkha armies who help fought the war, if you wanna know). Malaysia was them and now she’s us.

So what if people said 'NegaraKu' was a song adapted from 'Mamula Moon'? So what if someone said the Malaysian flag was copied from the United States of America's? So what if Malaysian football team sucks? We were born here and that makes us a Malaysian. We recite the same Rukun Negara together and sing the same national anthem. Our grandparents fought in the war to give us a better country to live in and we should continue their fight to let Malaysia be ours too. People, if you don't like how Malaysia is today, you can always give her a second chance to change, and that shall come when you vote wisely. Whatever has been done has been done, let's just give our beloved country a fresh start. Don’t let anyone take her away from us.

People, we live in a democratic country where the voices of her people must be heard. Let us have a better government to keep us united, let us have the undying love for Malaysia and her people for always in our heart, and let us have our rights and let us change Malaysia into a better place. Never be afraid of the government, it is them who should be afraid of us citizens. Si? No? ;)


zewt said...

Given the current trend of the global climate, I wouldnt be too quick to pass that malaysia is natural-disaster free. remember the tsunami? that was just a warning sign i believe.

Anyway, i have this to say.... the controversies and fiascos have always been there. it's just that with the new internet era, more ppl, like you and me, are informed of it, and given a chance to know exactly what is happening.

yes, we all know the country's independence was fought by "Mutu’s grandpa’s blood, Ali’s granduncle’s blood and Ah Seng’s grand-whoever’s blood"... but are they bring recognised accordingly? or are some of us being told to leave this country?

having said that... i applause you in saying that we should not harbour hatred towards other races, that is so true. i have close friends from all races and all these ruckus fail to separate our friendship.

yes, it doesnt matter if the national anthem is taken from mamula moon or the flag is taken from where and so on and so forth, but there are things that matter. and we should not forget that. i dont need to say those, si?

damn... this is like a whole damn zewtpinion already.

Jason Phoon said...

I've always leaned towards complaining about my country, and it's easy to pick out the bad parts.

Being away from home, I realise it's not without its beauty. After all, it is home to me.

I admire the stance you are taking, because I hear too much negativity about our country all the time. It's actually refreshing to see a positive opinion like yours.

Cheers :)

voch said...

Impressive entry ^_^ Its true how we sometimes complain too much instead of standing up for ourselves. It's us who decide the environment we want to be.

Calvin's Wife said...

Yes, how could anyone forget the tsunami disaster that killed quite a number of Malaysians few years ago? I believe that the current global warming thingy has nothing to do with God but us earthlings. This was the path we chose years ago when we started polluting our mother earth. Now, serves us right eh?

Of course, I will never know bout the 'internal affairs' if it wasn't for the internet era. It was like a big "whoa" to me when I was stuffed with those infos. It actually hits you hard on your head and make your brain goes thinking real properly. Who actually knew behind those happy faces in the parliament, tons of dirty little secret has been formed among themselves.

I totally agree with you bout the brotherhood's blood thingy, yes, many of them were old unsung heroes. And to be told to leave our beloved country just because a minority of them were pessimistic, it is not worth our time to debate. They know it well better than us that our Independence were fought together, don't believe, seek for evidence.

Maybe the younger generations nowadays don't really understand what's going on in reality, prolly they might be influenced by those 'extremist' and just nods their head agreeing into everything they had to say. And that, my friends, is not healthy.

I don't see why we Malaysians should divide (after so long, living for 50 years) just because some 'people' wants to. I don't mind, really, living elsewhere in the world, but wouldn't they miss us? I know I'll do miss them, and we've been getting to know each other for 50 years and have been enjoying each other's company, is it worth it to just blow it away just like that? No, I don't think so.

Calvin's Wife said...

Jason Phoon:
Yes, I've mentioned I wanna be away to somewhere more beautiful and perhaps (admit) more cooler, and to start a new life somewhere else around the world (currently Aussie on my list), but I know I will miss my homeland dearly. Just like how you and Cazzy misses here so much. ;)I just love a cooler environment that's all, here it is a bit alarming with the heat she has!

Well, maybe it is not too late for us to correct Malaysia after all. Perhaps then, her people would not run away from her anymore cos now she's a perfect haven for us Malaysians. Why should we wanna give up our citizenships (if one day I get to live with my mama in law in Aussie)when there's so many more others who are trying hard to be a Malaysian citizen then?

Thank you :), I assume that almost all of us 'real' Malaysians have that same piece of mind. We just want the best for our country.

Simple American said...

What a super post. I think if there are more Malaysians thinking like you, life can only be better in your country. Happy 50th Birthday. May Malaysia last another 50 years and beyond.

You know your posts makes me think of my Malaysian friends from college. You could tell they had a passion for their country. But I never really got to understand too much about where they came from. I had to wait over 15 years before I really discover Malaysia through the blogs.

And dang I'm scared of you. Gurkhas were some fine soldiers. You have one of those wicked knives? The Germans hated fighting them in World War II.

Princess Eileen said...

I love Malaysia too. I appreciate Malaysia much more than before after I went overseas to work for a while. Malaysians are generally much more friendlier, regardless of what we say among ourselves. I think only the politicians make things bad. And of course the food!!!

Happy Merdeka Malaysia! I hope you become a better country for our multiracial population!

Cazzy said...

What a model citizen. Kudos to you.

I must admit I am not as patriotic as you. And there are still things that I do not agree with in Malaysia. But, being away from home does make a lot of difference. I miss home so much, I wouldn't think twice if I had the chance to buy a ticket back home this instance.

Everyone wants to leave but when we are, we just want to go back. Cause it's true when they say you'll miss it when it's gone.

Home is like mothers. Everyone who hates their moms, love their moms.


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

I can say a lot on this but b'cos I am a poor fellow & also 'balless' I can't say much but I will put all this into a simple action! Yes erection is cumming! So what r u going to do about it!Remember talking is cheap ( sometime dangerous ) action is perfer! Have a nice day!

X said...

Errection cumming, i shall vote locket ...yay!

zewt said...

will you go yellow?



Calvin's Wife said...

Simple American:
Yes, I hope all Malaysians would really spend some time thinking and look at the real truth of what's going around her. And by then, I am sure Malaysia would be even a better place in the next 50 years.

LOL, well then you gotta thank the creator of internet. ;) We learn so much through the cyber world. And that makes all of us one in that world ya? LOL

And don't be afraid of me, I don't bite, well, maybe I am strong.. very hahahha... but no worries LOL.

Princess Eileen:
Yes, Malaysia is indeed a nice place, minus off the current government of course..

;) I know what you mean when you say you don't like some of those things here in Malaysia, well let us just hope that the general election will change things for Malaysia, to be a better her.

Hor ny Ang Moh:
LOL, erection, dang... yes I agree, talking is cheap, and therefore I shall wear yellow on the 31st!! :D

Wakakakaka... hmmm... I've not made up my mind yet...

Yes, will you?