These past few days I've been having this dizzy thingy everytime I try to move from a position to another eg: sitting upwards to leaning on the chair. So yeah am kinda freaked out and so is hubby. LOL, but the funny one is I always try to kacau my hubby by saying "ohh no, baby, momma's here" while rubbing my big (=_=)" belly. And hell yeah that scared the shit out of him, hahahha. But of course I know myself if it was a symptom of pregnancy or not, :P.

Hubby suggested to go see a doc cause he's kinda freaked out with my sudden dizziness. As usual, the doc also asked if I had skipped my monthly period wahahah, dei, I'm not pregnant larh! Told her no, and so she checked my blood pressure, well, its a 120/90. She said that's a little high for my age and she suddenly asked me if I have been taking any pill supplements for these past few days. :P And of course it was a yes, hehe, I've been taking some pills (6 days liao) to make me go bubu jiew(pangsai lah) to detoxify mua body and try to eliminate my extra fats (=_=)", damn you food! So yeah, I had to stop taking them :( , seems to me that not everybody can take slimming pills eh? Dang!

Aight, today am gonna share with you a recipe on shitake mushrooms, yeah, those delicious mushy roomies, togetehr with long beans and garlic again ;). Do you know that Italian cuisine uses alot of olive oil and garlic? Yeah, this dish is simple and it is nice, when you clean and cut those shitake mushrooms, you can always keep them stems to make mushroom soup, delicious!

1 1/2 lbs. green beans
4 oz. fresh Shitake mushrooms
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese (optional)
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon butter
1/4 cup fresh Italian parsley (chopped)
pinch of fresh basil and oregano (minced)
pinch of red pepper flakes
8 cloves garlic (minced)

In a saucepan, bring 5 cups water to a boil with 1 tablespoon salt. Add green beans .Boil beans for 4-5 minutes, until tender but not overcooked. When tender, shock beans in a bowl of ice water to prevent overcooking and retain bright green color. Remove after 30 seconds and let drain in colander.

In a large heavy bottom skillet, heat olive oil with cloves of garlic and mushrooms. Sauté until garlic becomes tan, but not brown. Add cooled beans, parsley, butter and remaining ingredients. Toss with cheese and serve when butter has melted.

Variations: A strip of lean bacon or Pancetta may be sautéed in olive oil before adding garlic, then crumbled in. For a piquant flavor, the beans may be served cold, as a salad, and dressed with a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon or balsamic vinegar.


Jason Phoon said...

for a moment there I thought you were pregnant .. hehehe ..

i also learn a new word today .. "bubu jiew". Is it hokkien ? or some form of baby talk ?

hmmmmm .. I think I'm going to buy some olive oil the next time I go grocery shopping ... :(

KennetH said...

yeah..i learn something new to day..thanx evie~

zewt said...

why he so scared? kuat kerja ke? :P

Cazzy said...

Aww, don't you want little calvin and little evie running around the house? ;p Well anyways, theres one method I've heard of that can help you loose weight. I think it's called exercise. I haven't done it in ages, but I reckon it will work.

Btws, the dish as always looks yum. Keep it up! I want more easy recipes. The ones I tak payah pecah kepala to figure out what the hell is what.

X said...

See, i told you there was all kinds of good shit going on here, even the things you cook got SHITake mushroom ...wukakakakka...:P

Anyway, have to jaga your pressure sikit, dun want to be taking medication to control it because when you do m you will be stuck with it all your life. Try drinking bitter gourd + cucumber juice or if you have a good stomach use celery and boil with water and drink it. My mum drink these to lower her pressure ...:)

if all things fails, dont worry, eat Old Chang Kee Curry Puff, guarantee cure everything...:P

erinalaw said...

Y he so scared leh? Pressure got to jaga jaga liau leh. Take some celery - maybe abt 3 times a week. Too much also no good. The last time when my MIL got high blood pressure, I make 'san char pin' boil with an red apple and 1 tablespoon of brown sugar. water about 1 glass lor. Boil for 1/2 hour. Make twice a week for her and then it go off liau. But sometimes, she make it herself to prevent wor

Princess Eileen said...

Hi evie, family planning ke? A second there I though you are on contraceptive pills... Eh, you look ok mar (show some full body photo shoot), no need to be on slimming pills lar... I probably need it more than you. Haha... Health is the utmost important and happiness comes with it :)

I need to learn cooking from you. The saying that to get to a man's heart is to satisfy his stomach right? Haha... I am sure you score flying colours in this sense :)

Simple American said...

I tried taking diet bills before and it only turned me into an @$$hole. They cranked up my metabolism and I was really jumpy and on edge. My family don't need me to be like that.

I like South Beach Diet for losing weight. It is just a format for eating. No calorie counting. Just healthy eating. Though you dish today would fit quite easily on this diet. Only change would be to use a butter substitute.

And like Cazzy said. Exercise is good too. I hate it, except when I am doing it. haha. Though it has been more fun since my kids can go with me.

Good luck finding a method that works for ya.

Huei said...

argh! stomach's growling non-stop now!!! hehehehe

wahhh! y scared?? it's good to have a baby! =P heheheheh

iwan c.m.n. said...

we need more veggieblogging like this yehyeh. :)

Calvin's Wife said...

Jason Phoon:
Oh nononono, I dont wanna be pregnant, yet. Bubujiew is a word I learnt from a friend who learnt from a movie... :P Jason, you gotta try cooking for yourself kenot expect to eat outside the whole time you're there right??

Everyday you will learn new things wahahahha...

(=_=)" apalah lu... still young okaaaay...

LOL, I would love too, but not now la, financially, nono, furthermore I've yet to have my banquet.

And you, aiseh, the only thing easy to cook is soup, you dump all the ingredients in and boil, LOL.

LOL, you and your SHIT.. tsk tsk, X, why r u such a gross dude? :P Thanks for your advice, I will.

Actually I dont wanna take the prescribed med my doc gave me, it actually made me cranky, seriously. :(

Am trying to eat more celery (yuck) now, :( have to try la.. and LOL on the Chang Kee Puffs!! LOL, siow kia!!

Calvin's Wife said...

Erina Law:
Thanks for the tips Erina, yeah am currently taking more celery. I hope it works, I'll try that san char pin thingy, though I dunno whats that :P. I'll ask the med shop.. ;) thanks for tips.

Princess Eileen:
LOL, family planning... No lah! And I t=dont take pills ler.. (=_=)" scared its not good for health.. AND, (=_=)" no, full body photo shots are deleted from my computer cos I dont even wanna look at them, Wahahahha.. :P

"to get to a man's heart is to satisfy his stomach" Hahahah this one you gotta ask my hubby, LOL.. I dont know if his stomach is "happy" or not.. :P

Simple American:
Thanks for the advice :), I will seek for a better way to loose weight. Am currently on a quite healthy diet actually, hope it will work.

And yea, maybe some cycling could do.. :P

No ler.. :( no money how to raise a kid?

Iwan CMN:
You vegetarian??

X said...

I have to agree with you that the prescription will make you a little cranky because I took those years ago because I suffered the same symptoms. If you take soda, try to avoid diet too, those will make you cranky too. :P

Calvin's Wife said...

Sigh, yeah gotta quit that.. anyway am not taking them anymore...