This whole week is gonna be food week! I'm gonna be posting up recipes of dishes that I've tried and thinks that they are absolutely delicious to be shared around. One day per recipe aight? And meanwhile, of course, I would be adding in notes of things evolving around me. ;).

Oh yes, *winks at Bee* I've finally had my bouquet of lilies, ngahahha, with cute lil' red berries stuck between them stalks. To go along with my flowers would be a cute roundish lil' piggy (plush lar okay), so happy~!! For what occasion? Nada. *grins* It was last Saturday, after we had lunch at the nearby market when he asked me if I wanted flowers. :P And of course I was like, "oooh".... LOL, kehsi kehsi abit and told him "Doe wan lerrr", but he still insisted and said, "Lilies okay??" Wakakka, that's it, aihh.. "okey ler"... LOL

So here I am with a beautiful bunch of lilies.

Aight, so today I'm gonna share with you an Italian recipe, prawns with parsley cooked in white wine. It is actually a very simple dish, and this particular dish is just simply delicious. Try it and you'll know! ;)

1/2 kg of fresh prawns
1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
3 cloves of garlic (minced)
1/2 cup of white wine
a pinch of salt and pepper
a small bunch of parsley.

(Serves 4)

Peel and deveined prawns carefully and set them aside. Pour oil into a pan and saute the garlic, throw the prawns into the pan and fry them on a high heat for 5 minutes, then add in the white wine, simmer for a while to allow wine absorbed into prawns. Add in salt and pepper as desired. Finally add in chopped parsley and serve.


ET said...

FWAH... yummylicious. I gonna try cooking the prawns tomorrow. Keke!

Cazzy said...

Waa, so lomantik! And wow, the dish looks so sedap and senang. Can I substitute the prawns with chicken or something? I duno how to work with prawns la. I'm very lazy when it comes to seafood.

Calvin's Wife said...

LOL, good luck!! Dont create a fire on your pan! :P

Yeah it is easy and nice too, well I dont know but you can try substituting them prawns with meat and see how it comes out. Maybe you can try baby clams?

erinalaw said...

The flowers looks so beautiful. Sometimes, I also char sei but actually wanted flowers. Hehehe..... what to do, this is the nature of us women. The prawns look yummy too. Great to hear you will be sharing more. Happy cooking.......

iwan c.m.n. said...

waaa.. love is in the air day..!

I hope I have the courage to give flowers to my girl in the future, because I saw a movie which a woman talked to herself after the man gave her flowers:

"give flowers, for what? If give rice, I can eat.." kekeke

And I'm hungry cis cis :)

X said...

Yay! Cooking for the rest of the week :D. Am looking forward for it. I’ll be cooking for a friend this Wednesday, I think I’ll try this one cause she loves prawn. But instead of white wine, I think I’ll substitute it with Vodka more kick, hence turning it into a Russian cuisine…:P.

Jason Phoon said...

eh look ! a nose ring !

Simple American said...

That was so sweet of your mister. :)

Those shrimp look divine. How big of an Italian do you need? :P

Huei said...

nice flowers! =D

*drool* omg the prawns are to die for!! looks SOOOOOOO delicious!!!!!

guaisaujai said...

With white does it tastes like leh....


But look at the yummy like!!

Johnny Ong said...

wif that recipe, i cld try it also but laziness in my body seems to rule more hehehehe

Calvin's Wife said...

LOL, thank you, and yes, we all girls are all the same.. always char char tai tai.. :P but in the heart we want it badly eh?? LOL

Iwan CMN:
Wahahha where u read or saw tat from?? LOl that is soo sooo potong steam :P

VODKA??? You are crazy, well I dont guarantee how it would turn out then wahahahah... good luck dude!

Jason Phoon:
erh... now only u saw mehh??

Simple American:
Thank you, LOL...

Yeah it is nice.. you should cook it someday.

You go and buy and taste lor.. quite nice geh... :P

Johnny Ong:
LOL, lazy bum~!!