How romantic are you, or shall I say, how creatively romantic are you? What is romanticism to you by the way? *grins* Nah, I don't have any romantic-generators. It is just a random question in my head, :P. So tell me people, share with me, what is your perception of romanticism?

A new car my dear friends? *grins*
I know bout guys treating them cars
like wives!!

Or maybe a few nights stay at a posh
hotel where you'd be treated like queens
and kings? 5 star? 6 star?

Perhaps an evening stroll by the
beach to watch a beautiful sunset? Hmm?

Or maybe a nights out with them friends
for a game of foosball, and maybe some beer later on?
Guys, you know you love them.. ;)

A romantic home cooked candle light dinner with
your loved ones? Oh and a bottle of wine or champagne

Or bouquet of flowers? I know they make girls
happy! And to go together with them flowers,
maybe a plush teddy or some chocolates?

What about a serene road trip to the next town?
You could use the old country road.

And oh you think sex is romantic?
Do you? Hmmm, tell me bout it...

So peeps, these are some options I came out with, what about yours? For me romanticism is about imagination. I used to think living in a condo all by myself with nice furnishings would make my night romantic. I would have warm lights to give me my romantic ambiance, good music from Light & Easy, a glass of white wine and a beautiful view looking out the city center. And mind you, all these with me all alone, hahahah, loner. Siok sendiri romantik.. LOL.. memang membodohkan.

For me romanticism is also the small little things me or my darling do for us each other. Might not cost anything, but it is his heart's willingness that matters. ;) I love watching sunsets and having a night ride to somewhere quiet to talk, not to do kinky stuff, but to embrace each other and talk. That, I've not had it yet, Mr.DearDear is kinda shy to do public affection... wahahaha, cheh! ;) Tell me yours.


Huei said...

lying in the beach..watching the sun set..staying there and chatting till the sun rise! =D

Michelle said...

it's a good idea on how to spend time with your love ones...hehhehe..thanks

zewt said...

how about him suddenly giving you a deep sensual kiss while half way thru an escalator? at the sight of the world... is it romantic?

romantic is about the heart... and also imagination... with some element of surprise.

X said...

Delicious meal and Blob job = Romantic :D


I guess for me, is appreciating every detail and every moment of your love one. Normal things that sometimes we tend to take for granted, like watching her sleep or seeing her wake up in the morning. Every little thing counts :)

Jian said...

erm..dunno ler.. But i love your photo of the road to brunei.. the grass is so green, the sky is so it very much..

Maybe romantic can like this:
only me and her walking on a green grass field under the big blue sky in a windy day :) then jz walking, playing running around.. then later make her a ring out of grass.. chating..lying on my big tummy.. and watch the sun sets.. XD wahahaha syiok XD

Simple American said...

Romance motivates me to write poetry. Problem is my missus is not very romantic. She is a practical person. Therefore now I am motivated to write horror.

Jason Phoon said...

as far as I know , Romanticism is an art form sometime in the past.

So I looked it up in google and this is what it says:

"An art style which emphasizes the personal, emotional and dramatic through the use of exotic, literary, or historical subject matter."

I believe the work of William Blake comes to mind. I wish I could paint like that .... :(

Cazzy said...

When you see an elderly couple, holding hands, smiling and taking care of each other. Now that's true romance cause it never fades even as years go by.

Princess Eileen said...

I think romantic things are things that we do from the bottom of our heart without faking or intentionally. It can be as easy as making you a cup of hot tea when it is cold to giving a shoulder massage when he/she is tired. The little things and the thoughts count.

But I wouldn't mind if a guy put a diamond ring in a glass of champagne and give it to me. MUAHAHAHAHA....

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

The last pic!That is my idea!I even put my arm & hand as shown in the pic! But I hate beer, so I will just have a ciggy while recharging! Have a nice weekend!

ET said...

Buy a house under the Carribbean stars and watch the sunrise/sunset everyday, while reading and hugging in the breeze. Not forgetting enjoy the fishing... LOL!

Jason said...

embracing each other in a serene field while gazing at the countless stars under the bright night's sky and whispering sweet nothings into each other's ears.

The Malaysian Life said...

Romance has many meanings to different people of different cultures, at different periods of time. Today, romance is very much commercialised, just like everything else. I think romance has to do with a feeling being wonderfully overwhelmed - for lack of better expression. LOL

Calvin's Wife said...

Everyone has their own definition of romanticism, ;) and all of them are beautiful ones. ^^ You all know how to say, but do you practice them or not first? :D