Does anyone here knows
where Dontaku, a Japanese
Restaurant located at Jalan Bukit Bintang
has shifted to? Or are they out of
business liao?!
Please help, it is my
favourite Jap restaurant!

They used to be opposite of 7-Eleven,
beside Public Bank. If you've seen them
elsewhere, please inform me,
thank you so much :)


ET said...


X said...

Hold!! let me pull out my address book from my ass....

hmmm...not there but I got some California Rolls hidden in there, you want some ? ..:P

Simple American said...

Have you ever seen Todai over there. I visited the location in Houston and they listed a Kay El location. They have a great Japanese buffet. I could burst after eating there last Friday.

Hope you find your restaurant.

iwan c.m.n. said...

I caught it running down the hallway near where I parked my car.

Eh, its a restaurant..!!

Huei said...

havent heard >.< sowie cant help

hope u find it! =D

Calvin's Wife said...

:( I also want....

Yerrr you total grossness... ZzZZzzz.. so yuckey lah you... LOL

Simple American:
Erm, nope, I went through a whole list of Jap restaurants here in KL and PJ, did not came across that... hmm...

Iwan CM:
(=_=)" aisehhh... why you din help me catch it back to where it belong... LOL, now I'm gonna miss my Kimuchi Wantan forever~!!

:P It's okay, I think it has gone out of business.... :(

KennetH said...

sorry ler.cant help u.dono where

ET said...

I still remembered my holiday in Michigan. My assocate brought me out fishing in Michigan Lake... fresh salmon. Literally cut and eat right there on the boat. So darn sweet.

Calvin's Wife said...

:P Its okay friend... no problem...

Waah, seriously, so siok? Add ina little bit of lemon wah l;agi siok... Juicy and Zesty~! LOL