I am finally going to Perth!! *weeee* (jumps up and down, do a double flip) I finally get to breathe fresher air, get to roll on greener grass, get to meet real Australian with accents that I will never get to figure out, get to see blue blue sky and have really cool breeze brushing against my skin!

Oh I'm loving it~! I'm going to Singapore on the 7th of October to board Qantas Air on the 8th, and will be back to Singapore on the 14th and be home by 15th. *grins wide wide* Ohhh... happy happy~!! Though I'm gonna be there with an empty wallet, my food and lodging will be kautimed, cause my mama in law is there to kau tim for me and hubby, ngahahah.. :P.

For my hubby~ Only for you :P

Oh dear, thanks for the trip! I know I'll love it! And that means beautiful pictures for me to bring home for us to remember. If I love Perth, we'll migrate there aight?! *claps hand gleefully*

Happy weekend everyone~!! Oh by the way, if you're interested to go Australia soon, Qantas air is having sale on their tickets. We bought ours 2 round trip Singapore-Perth for SG1,376. Quite a good bargain I must say. ;) Have a pleasant weekend and a good rest!


guaisaujai said...

wah!!Someone happy 9 9 here!!!
Yippie...I feel happy for u too~
Syok leh!!
The best thing is...U DUN HAVE TO SPEND A CENT IN ALL THESE!!!

So nice~~ :D

jian said...

hahaha.. syook nya...!!!
remember to buy us all buah tangan ya :P

Princess Eileen said...

Alas, i get this open!!! Yeah yeah... Hey Evie, have a great trip... and buy us virtual presents :)

iwan c.m.n. said...

wah, hubby's parents living in perth, what can be better than that? Even dont have to migrate oso can go perth like mad..! Have fun evie :)

X said...

Ya ya, buy lots of chocolates and stock them up ya...:P. Happy for you . Your mama inlaw looking for god son or not ...:P

Cazzy said...

So best, I oso wanna go Perth. I got no mother-in-law there. I got no money oso.

But, I'm happy for you!!! Yay! That wintery/springish weather will do you some good.

Too bad Perth so far from nz. Otherwise, you can drop by few days. :( I'm so deprived of a Malaysian.

erinalaw said...

so shiok!!! Remember to take lots and lots of picture har

Jason Phoon said...

ehh come brisbane and gold coast ^_^

Calvin's Wife said...

^^ Thank you thank you.. LOL well, I have to spend a little to buy stuff for mua family peeps.. and some close friends.. :( anyone wanna sponsor me? LOL

LOL, okie okie, I will post up virtual gifts for all of you.. :P

Princess Eilees:
LOL, yeah of course I will... ;)

Iwan CMN:
LOL. thanks Iwan, later only going la.. now still early.

Hahahaha... erm I dont think so.. :P She got another son who gave her a grand daughter liao leh.. LOL

^^ Thanks Cazzy... I wish NZ is just somewhere in Perth, LOL, then I could have come and see you.... :(

Yes yes... I will ^^

Fuuh... their domestic flight quite expensive wor... you pay for me can lah ^^ LOL