Hmmmm, have you heard of the mangosteen juice craze yet? I definitely did and here I am, purchasing a bottle of Xangosteen. (=_=)" and it is not cheap, RM160 per bottle. Well, I've heard many good things of this particular product. It's a health juice thingy and well, when it comes to health product, I guess it's okay to spend a little bit of extra money for your well being.(?)

Anyway, a few of my family members have been consuming this product. They provided me with a very good reason to try it. Uncle is a little bald and have been experiencing some frequent back ache, after consuming though, back ache is gone and his hair is growing back bit by bit. Hmmm, I guess Yun Nam Haircare is gonna be out of business soon! LOL, oh well, another thing is, it also helps you lower your diabetes level, perhaps I could get my grandma this to let her try. Have to talk to her doctor bout it first I guess.

This juice is actually made from the whole mangosteen, which means, the skin, the fruit and the seed. Research said that the good vitamins and all are actually found on the skin and seed, not really in the flesh. Dunno? Also, they've mixed in some cranberry, apple and other fruits in to give you some natural fruity flavour. No added preservatives, which means once you've open the bottle to consume, you must keep it in your fridge to keep it okay. You can drink daily, once, twice, thrice, depending on your health status. They provided me with a small mini cup for my daily dosage of juice.

Oh well, anyway they did mention that this particular juice is good for your immune body and basically it cures almost everything. A bit disbelieving eh? Dunno? Let me try this bottle first, and if it is good I will tell you more about it. I hope it helps me diminish my skin rashes and boost up my immune system, oh also, give me frequent trips to the toilet as well! :P *blush*


zewt said...

hair growing back is enough to convince me... where where where where can i get this??????

X said...

Looks like booze,just how long did you uncle have been drinking it?

Can do me a favor? Take little bit and apply it on your chest, i want to see does it work on growing chest hair, let me know it it works okay? :P

Simple American said...

When I first saw the bottle I thought it was shampoo. haha And I almost fell out of my chair when I read your uncle is getting hair back. So maybe it is like an inner shampoo hor?

Jason said...

the name sounds like xanga + mangosteen. hahaha. Anyway, really can promote natural hair growth? wow..

guaisaujai said...

Oh my gosh!! That's.....that's....miracle juice!!!

Drink for 3 weeks, u won't die liao! And u can turn back time!! 30 -->18!!

*sorry, I a bit dun believe in this....IT JUST A JUICE LAR~by the way, do let us know whether this juice really rocks. :D

Huei said...

wah cool!

but 160 per expensivee!! >.<

Calvin's Wife said...

Ahh? LOL, is your hair falling off? Hmm must be because of your blog entries dee.. LOL... Actually this juice cannot be found in the outside marts yet, I bought this from my uncle, who is a member of this Xangosteen thingy..

LOL, I think not more than half a year I guess? Hahaha you dont be crazy, my hubby dont want a hairy chesty woman for a wifey~!!

Simple American:
Shampoo? LOL, I dont know, he says its actually grew a little of hair on his head.(?)

Xanga.. LOL, I dunno, I have a lot of hair, so basically I wont know if I will be growing more hair ON MY HEAD, thank you very much. :P

Hmm, that's why lor I said I try first, see if it is really that good... somemore quite expensive eh... >.<, well if it is good then I wouldnt mind the price though..

Yeah kinda expensive... more pricey than a bottle of good quality red wine...

iwan c.m.n. said...

Its a drink isn't it? not a juice. Ahha. On the bottle it says 'drink'.

*joking only. explanation about this in my latest post haha*

zewt said...

so how la?

s said...

oh yeah! i heard of it....there's this lady i know selling it....

hurm..should look into it!

Calvin's Wife said...

emailed you dee... :P

Hello there, well hopefully it is true.. :)