Cushion, assuming this is a headrest for
your car seat. You gotta stuck him in through
the mouth I think.

Tissue holder, flapping away out from
his mouth. It can accommodate 100
or 200 sheets of tissue(box).

I actually saw this yellow sponge being pinned up on a board at BU Centrepoint's McDonald's while having lunch with a few friends of mine 2 days ago. Being so aesthetically in love with this dewy eyed sponge, that's it, I had to take him home with me, *Bahahaha Ahahaha, Spongebob's signature laugh* :D.

I only managed to get the tissue holder, first week one was out of stock in Centrepoint. Well, of course I told myself I will be traveling around quite a number of McDonald's in town to seek for the cushion. Hehehe, and of course I finally found it at Karak Highway's McD (on the way to Genting :D). So yeah, I have 2 of them each. :P, RM13.99 per sponge and that makes RM55.96 for my new collection of Spongebob Squarepants!


Cazzy said...


X said...

OMG, I love Patrick Star!!!!!!

Jason Phoon said...

OMG. I love SQUIDWARD !!!!!

Simple American said...

I love Spongebob. What a great actor! :P

Huei said...

heyyy so cute!!!! the price is reasonable..not too!!!!

aye..but i bet by now semua habis liao hor?

Calvin's Wife said...

Cazzy, X & Jason Phoon:
OMY, I love MR.KRAABS!!! LOL, you peeps....

Simple American:
Yeah he sure is!

I think got somemore, go try and see...

X said... must love money alot because you love Mr.Krabs.

Mr. Krabs: I love money!!