I would like to introduce Wei Wei to ya'll, she is my new 19 months old (her birthday is on the 14th of February, cool eh) Miniature Schnauzer. So yeah, I am not her first owner. She was an "unwanted" dog, well, not really unwanted but because of some narrow minded parents (because lady owner gave birth liao) and a brutal husband (I think so), she had to be given away by her lady owner.

Now this lady owner used to have a pet shop somewhere near our apartments where my parents got Mikey, so they are pretty acquainted. Lady owner must have thought my step-dad is a loving being so she asked if he wanted "Weng Weng". Well, I wanted one, so he said yeah, he'll take it and give her to me. *grins* Anyway the lady owner favors her other dog, a Silky Terrier. She sayang that dog more than Wei Wei anyway, and judging by how Wei Wei is right now, I think Wei Wei was always the left out one in everything the lady owner does.

"Weng Weng" sounds like "Wing Wing" which we don't really fancy because chinese people would say "wing wing tei" which meant "crazy crazy a bit", wahahhaha, so me and hubby switched her name to "Wei Wei". I really wanted to give her a whole new name, but I'm afraid she'll not get used to a new name, so we gave her "Wei Wei" larh, near near her old name mah... :D We officially adopted her on the 31st of August 2007.

Wei Wei is really a "siu jeh", so gentle and timid. We think she's timid because of how she was treated previously by her owners, especially the husband (cos she's kinda afraid of my hubby). She is underfed, and will never grow to a proper Miniature schnauzer punya size cause she's too old to make her perfect again. Underfed why? Because her previous owner wants her to be in a toy dog size, kecik-kecik cute cute kua, but seriously, it is not good for Wei Wei, she will not have a longer life span and could not breed more than twice. Poor little thing.

Wei Wei doesn't poo and wee in the house (except my parents' wahahha), I'll take her for a walk twice a day to let her do her territorial markings :D. She eats twice a day, a very small portion really. She doesn't know any tricks cause her previous owner was very impatient with her. She don't play fetch cause she don't get to play and a chance to "win" the Silky Terrier. Poor girl.

Me and hubby really like her and will be loving her so much till we will be spoiling her I guess. Wei Wei just need some time to be a REAL doggie, :D. Now come on everyone, give her a warm hug, she's such a cute little thing, don't you wanna squeeze her? Hehehehe....


Nux V said...

wei wei is so so so damn cute!!!
she looks comical in the photos....like those dogs in cartoons or comedies ;)

Princess Eileen said...

Wei wei is very cute! Haha, bring her out and I stuff her with food and make her chubby chubby like me. Kekekeke....

Now Wei Wei can get all the love she lacked previously. She is one lucky dog now :)

ET said...

Such a lovely dog and she is being abandoned!? I hate humans sometimes... don't people ever learn to plan and research before they get a pet? I believe the reasons provided are something they can check with their family and in-laws before they commit to getting a pet.

If I go to KL I swear I want you to bring your kiddo out! Lovely! Too bad it's impossible to bring my kids over to KL.

ET said...

Oh anyway...

Rehomed dogs need some time to get used to new faces, new voices, new environment etc. Really depends on the dog how fast they can adopt. Maybe that explains why they appear timid and in some cases furiously defensive against humans.

If she's been abused by the previous male owner, your hubby will have to take a very active role in closing that gap. Let him do the feeding, patting and showers. Wei Wei will start associating your hubby with all the good things and slowly be ridden of those fears. It's just like a raped victim having fear against men, even their own fathers and brothers.

You can let your hubby hold the leash when going for walks too. Or let them be alone and his patting will assure her of safety and protection. It will take time... be patient.

Jason Phoon said...

ohhhh that dog is so cute.

how big do you want the miniature schnauzer to be ?

wow , his janggut so well groomed ...

X said...

Hello Wei Wei :P

Remember to ask your new mummy to feed you kao kao and become a full size miniature Schnauzer lo. And also ask her to get your medication and vaccine records so that you won't miss your jabs...:P

It's never too late to learn new tricks, just a little bit of patience and whole lot of treats will do the job..:P

Woa Woa says HIHI...:P

iwan c.m.n. said...

I'm used to "wei wei" a lot. If I want to call my friend, I'll say "wei wei sini kejap, tengok ini.. hee hee"

"wei wei mau pigi mana tu? nak ikut boleh?"

"wei wei perempuan cantik lalu..!"

So its easy to remember wei wei :)

Cazzy said...

Aww, so cute! *squeeze*

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Cute dog! But prepare to spend a lot of time on it! U have to clean,shampoo & cromb its fur! Have a nice day!

Calvin's Wife said...

Wei Wei says to:

Nux V:
*kih kih kih* Thank you thank you, you want a postcard sized autograph of mine? :D

Princess Eileen:
Yes madam, I need to get a little bit muscular to be stronger than Mikey, my new boyfriend, so that he knows who's boss! :P

:( My old lady owner loves the other bitch more than me. Ya know, I don't really care no more cause I have a new lady who showers me wit love, well, sometimes she spanks my arse too though, my bad, i poo-d in the living room :(.

Master is a nice man, but am still afraid of him. I know he is trying to get me to like him, but hey, I need some time. I like his nose though, *licky licky* he has a huge nose for me to stick in my tongue! *wahahahha*

Jason Phoon:
Hello *woof* a normal miniature me would be 12-14 inches long and weighs 14-16 lbs. I am only 12 inches long and weighs less than that, I'm not so sure myself, lady is gonna take me to the vet this Thursday. ;)

Of course my janggut is well groomed... *bites arse* and by the way, I'm a SHE... *woof woof*

Iwan CMN:
*woof* hope you dont mind, I'm a dog... :P. I promise not to lick you... (owner:itu "weh weh" lah, mana der wei wei. wahahah... cisss)

*licky licky face* Hello Cazzy... ;)

Hor ny Ang Moh:
Yes sir! I need daily combing but I'm sure Lady loves it.. she does that to me everyday at least 5 times a day...

Nux V said...

wei wei: yes, i want! i want..gimme ur postcard..i want autograph oso ;P

Nux V said...

wei wei: eh..soli, wrong sentence structure..okie, gimme ur postcard sized autograph, ya? thx!

;P paiseh..i was too fascinated by ur beauty till my sentence all went unorganized..hahaha..

ET said...

I like his nose though, *licky licky* he has a huge nose for me to stick in my tongue!

Try telling that to Jackie Chan. LOL!

Simple American said...

Heya Wei Wei! *scratch ears*

Really a good looking doggie. I love terriers. My best friend has always owned a Scottish terrier. I would not mind to get one. Scottie, Yorkie, or Maltese. Any would do. If only my daughter was not allergic.

Calvin's Wife said...

Nux V:
*woof* *licky licky* I will ask my lady to send you one soon with my paw mark on it :D....

YERRHHHH.... you wanna stick in your tongue in my nose???? *runs away and hide under the table*

Simple American:
*sniff sniff* Hmmm... I would love to play with your daughter too... but too bad she has allergies. :( It's okay, you can always come and play with me :D