So what do you think? Kih kih kih, was it smart or yucky? I think it's freaky hahahaha, well it is kinda smart but still it is ngerhh... well maybe the guys would love it alot, HAHAHHAHA. Oh well, I haven't been sourcing for written jokes, so yeah, lemme have some time for more of those... :D So you guys just bear with me with my post lah..

Also my dad's birthday is coming, I don't know what to give him. I've been giving him things like you guys give perhaps, wallet, belt, clothes, pens, organizers, desk stationeries, ties, perfume and bla bla... but no shoes and watch, just in case he is those typical cina ahpek thinking lah... So peeps, whats your suggestion? He is 48, into golf, drives a car, loves pens, kinda health cautious now... Hmmm... I tell ya, it is really HARD to get men things. Can't we just get flowers for them, wakakakka...

Anyway, please gimme some suggestions, I'm really running out of ideas... thanks. ;)

P/s: UPDATE: This one cannot miss, you really have to see this. Decided to share with you peeps, wakakaka... It's on Malaysia Today and on You Tube, well, better view fast fast though the Info Chief said it's not against the law, but hell, just view it larh before they take it down. ;)

Tsk, such a sad thing right? See what's the outcome now? A race is against their own race. Why? Ask the G larh. Thanks to them, we Malaysians are kinda splitting up, one the brainy ones, the other the stoopid ones. We are such a big joke to other countries, and on another matter, our government is still considering if we were to have free trade zone with the US, (=_=)" just like what Sarah Montague said then in an interview with Dato Seri Syed Hamid "Malaysia is slowing while the neighboring countries are growing faster..." (=_=)"


X said...

She can blow me anytime ..:P wukakakkaka

UMNO Rockz...wukakkakakaka

It's weekend go bring Wei Wei put to play ..:P

Princess Eileen said...

wow, that gal is gonna arouse a lot of guys... for ex, the commentor above :P Haha, I can can roll my tongue left & right, but not the wave type :P

Nux V said...

i like these guys....another talented musicians!

btw, tht gal is incredible..i can't roll my tongue at all!

Iced Nyior said...

haha....the first guy's comment was my first thought. Second was, damn its like she has an eel in her mouth.

Jian said...

woah!! nice tongue skills..
*start imagine things XD*

oyah...eve, I know what you can get for your dad d...
a grandson :P hehehehe

usually i see my sister them just belanja my dad to nice restaurant for some nice food :) as my dad loves to eat a lot :D

Cazzy said...

It sucks getting presents for men. If he's a gadget person, you can probably get something for convenience. The only problem with gadgets are they're always way out of your budget! So that stinks. Mark's birthday is coming soon and I still dunno what to get for him.

And... that girl's got skills. I can't roll my tongue even if my life depended on it.

Huei said...

msia bulleh!!!

wow..that girl's tongue is sooo long!!

Calvin's Wife said...

AAAAAAHAHAHAHHA thats at i said, guys ould lvoe her hahahaha...

I too Wei out for a troll liao and a car ride :D

Princess EIleen:
Huh, i only can make my tongue in an O shape thats all..

I think she's freaky hahaha

Iced Nyior:
I know... LOL and Im kinda grossed out LOL

Tsk. notty notty thinking la you wakakakak... GRANDSON?? Oh please he will get freaked hahahaha

So yeah maybe a dinner and a little gift... but dunno what gift :(

I know, getting prezzies for guys sucks bad time... hais... gadget too expensive not that I'm freaky rich... (=_=)"

It is very long... like snake ahaha

Simple American said...

Thanks. Now I cannot sit down and I have all of these old ladies working around. Sad to say I am almost the youngest one in my office. And you may have noticed I ain't no spring chicken.

You's think I have better control at this age. LOL!

Calvin's Wife said...

Simple AMerican:
WAHAHAHAHHA... erm now is that good or bad for you? LOL LOL