Okay, I am currently very very exited cause I have a new pet dog, and I am trying my best to be a good mother to her. I don't want her to be the same old timid her but on the other side, I don't want her to get spoilt as well, ya know, getting over the top of my head. She always has her head down, so keh lian, and I want her to be proud, but not too proud, :P. Just like any other normal dogs, that's it.

Wei Wei is clothless, that's a shame, hahahaha... so yeah I would really want to make her a dress, but I don't know how! Worst, I dont even own a sewing machine, hahah and I've never been good in ERT (ekonomi rumah tangga) how do I say that in English please someone. Yes I sewed a frigging baju melayu nyonya before, well, I cheated, hahah I sent it off to the tailor to have it done, :P. Kih kih kih... shhh, don't tell my teacher, hahha, stoopid.

Anyway yeah, I would really really want to sew her one, I looked over the internet and I cant really seem to find a proper sewing pattern for a dress. I guess I have to do it my way, trial and error. Oh well, my grandma gave me a few pieces of batik (someone gave it to her for charity purposes), maybe I'll use that and try first larh.

Oh gosh, I dont really think it's gonna turn out right but... dang just try larh. Hahahha... yes i know I sound like a crazy woman right now. :P By the way, Wei Wei is starting to like Calvin, and that's good! She sleeps with us on the bed AFTER i take her out for a walk to poo and pee. And she hides in the covers with us when we have the air cond on :P. I hope she stays poo-less and wee-less when she sleeps with us, else, oh my oh my, I'm gonna have a fit washing the covers and all.

She needs a bath today, she stinks :P. And she needs some paw grooming, and that I gotta ask my mom to teach me. Ya know, I really have a big responsibility to be a pet owner. I need to clean her ears once every week, which includes, pulling her ear hairs and cleaning her ear wax (eww, it's a total grossness, worst than human's seriously LOL). I gotta do that to keep her ears away from fungus and bacteria.

Also I need to wipe her paws and janggut after she go out for a walk or eat to keep to maintain her white instead of letting it turning yellow. I need to brush her hair everyday to make sure no fleece is sticking on her too. Alot of things to do, but I am enjoying every moment of it. :D

She knows what's mum mum now (eating time) and kai kai (going out for a walk). She knows how to stay put when I put a treat in front of her and not take it till I say "OK", well, still blurry but she's almost there. She's getting better and I hope she's happy with us. ;)

Ya know, it is so cruel of humans sometimes to torture a cute little thing to be what they want them to be. Wei Wei was under fed so that she'll be a toy dog, which, there's no such thing as a toy Schnauzer. They want her small so tat she'll stay the small cute little girl. And because of that, Wei Wei will not have a proper birth procedure when she wants to breed. She'll have a high possibility to have a Cesarean (costs RM400-500) and not have 4-5 pups from a birth. She'll might have 1-2 or 3 maximum, and the rest is deformed because of her small sized body. Poor kid. Worst, she will not be the perfect sized Schnauzer anymore.

Now I'm still thinking if I want to breed her or not, cause if I don't want to breed her, I have to "cut" her tubes, and that's forever. If I don't wanna "cut" her, I have to at least make her breed once or twice. *scratches head* Oh dear...

Anyways, I'm off to measure her now to make her a batik dress LOL, wish me luck! I'll post it up as soon as I get it perfectly done, and I hope you won't get to see the real close up dress and check my stitchings, wahahahha. ;)

Ciao peeps~!!


Cazzy said...


Calvin's Wife said...

wahahha girl i've not seen u in ages, where have u been?! i tot u went honeymoon liao... :P

aiyoh apa wor? :( so much trouble i brought myself?

voch said...

So nice, she's gonna get nice new pair of clothes from her owner :D All the best in sewing!

erinalaw said...

You can get so many nice clothes for your dog in the pet shops leh. No need to sew liau mah

Cazzy said...

takde mood nak blog la.

guaisaujai said...

NO need trial and error lar...

Go buy one sample pet's cloth then based on that make another one lor~ If u really insist wanna sew her cloth. :D

Princess Eileen said...

ekonomi rumah tangga = household economics? Hahaha.....

When I am in form 3, I studied 2 weeks in Sarawak co-ed school before I moved to KL gals school. They change the KH subject from ekonomi rumah tangga (co-ed school) to woods/electronics (cant remember the name) in gals school. Haha... no wonder gals school gals are tough & cannot sew.

---Ok come back to wei wei---

Dun let her go out & notti notti if you not sure whether you want her to breed or not. Well time will tells whether you want to be a "Grandma". Hehehe

Btw, I have a fren who do pet grooming freelance one, but he only come back during weekends to KL. You interested in any services?

All the best in sewing! Take pics of the results ya :)

John said...

Ladder House Economy

ET said...

Wooooot... now she's transformed into a Princess. NICE! How about trying some other uniforms... lol. Nurse? Stewardess? Chef?

Uniform fetish hahaha

X said...

You want fabric or button? I got shits of them cause my mum used to be a tailor. :P Faster go learn how to sew…:P Then I challenge you to a doggie project runway…:P

Tips: dun make baju for doggie from thick fabric. They will panas gila ler, no winter in M’sia.

Jason Phoon said...

ohmegosh ... what happen to that dog ? whyyyy

iwan c.m.n. said...

alahh evie's attention is now on wei wei. We feel left out like non-favourite children *sob* *sob*

wei wei pandai pose cute lah!

hao said...

I think breeding WeiWei is not a good idea. She is a little bit weak compare to other normal dogs, and it might harm the babies lives or even WeiWei herself when giving birth, even if the pup might not get enough nutrient from their mum.

Furthermore, taking care of pups need a lot of time and patient. It's almost like taking care of your own kids.

Well, that's just my 2 cents :P

Calvin's Wife said...

LOL yes thank you :P

Erina Law:
Wahahaha sew is sincere maa.. :P

Apasal lah?

Hais.... bad la you, i wanna try without spending money mar.. can or not jek.. :(

Princess EIleen:
HAHAHHAHA household economics... apa lar..

Also thanks for the groomind info, my step dad grooms her for me :D... And of course i wont let her out.. chisin kah? After lost!

WAHAHHAHAHA wuliow la you...

........................ *sweat*

Waaahhhhh... can can... how you gonna give me lei....

Jason Phoon:
That's not my dog la adoiii... thats someone's I curi pinjam only just to show..

Well yes thats true, im also thinking.... hmmm... i need to consult a doc first... see how larh...