P/S: Yo, X and Princcie, IS THIS PINK ENUFF FOR YOU TWO?!!! WAHAHAHAH... This is sooo not girlie me, shit... LOL.

Today am gonna teach you a little bit of basic Photoshop, ya know, sometimes you have beautiful pictures but the color might sucks a little or perhaps you want it to look better, Photoshop is such an easy software, well I'm sure theres other that offers even easier solutions but with Photoshop you can really do wonders and it really makes your nature photos amazing.

Right, today am gonna teach you how to enhance your pictures, so let's just take this picture of my friends for an example. ;) You can apply this methods to any photo you want. So, yeah.

See how dull the picture is? Well, it was taken with my phone camera so yeah, it needs some enhancing. So first, you open Photoshop, now they have come up with their latest Photoshop CS2 I think, wahahaha I so long din go update my Photoshop, by the way I'm using Photoshop 6 :P.

Right, when you've opened the software, drag your picture from your folder into Photoshop. Then select IMAGE from the toolbar at the top, drop down menu and select ADJUST. Find for BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST and you'll have a pop up window in your Photoshop.

Well, then adjust to your likings, but make sure don't over do it and make the photo look over exposed or something like that. :P Once you're done, just select ok.

Then you'll might want to adjust the colors in your picture, you know, maybe the picture does not contains enough cyan (blue), or maybe yellow.. so you click on IMAGE again and search for ADJUST and find for COLOR BALANCE.

Pop up window again and play around with it. They have 3 categories for it, the shadows, midtones and highlights. Play around with it and you'll understand its functions. Adjust them to your likings and again, make sure it's not overly done ;), then select OK.

Right, after you've edited the picture, especially when you've mingle around with CONTRAST earlier, your pic will have loads of dots on it, ya know, as if your pic is in low resolution but it is not. Don't worry, you can minimize them away with DESPECKLE which you can find in FILTER at the top tool bar. And when you've done that, you're done!

This is the final outcome of your edited picture with the most basic tools that Photoshop can offer. ;) Easy? I tell ya, install Photoshop and play with it, you'll love it, you'll actually find you can do many many things with it, and its the best software for cam whores ahahaha... You don't have to pay thousands (like me the idiot) to have a crash course, no use, just learn yourself. So have fun editing them pictures and maybe when I'm bored again, I'll teach you more. Wehehehe...


KennetH said...

you can make it glow easily as well o..hehe~

Huei said...

very nice!!

give more tips in the future!!! =D

X said...

Pink Pink Pink !!!!! Great :P

YOu are so good in PS, teach me how to super imposed a head to a camel's body can arrr? I got side project to do...:P

ET said...

I only use all the auto-balance blah blah blah... hahahaha...! No patience to learn.

Princess Eileen said...

Wakakaka... welcome to the PINK club :P You are obviously pink-toxic & kena pinkaholic liao :P

You too pinky for my love~ Too pinky for my love~ Wakaka.... this is me after a hard days' work :P

Oh, one day you should teach me how to use the photoshop, now only I know how to use airbrush to brush away the zits. Wakaka....

Aiyo... I also not girlie mar, but pink rockz :P

zewt said...

can teach how to cut and paste the face ah?

Iced Nyior said...

hot pink!!

evie u still not using CS3 ahh? :P nicer interface u know :P

Simple American said...

Tenkiu liao shih!!!

Jason Phoon said...

I'm okay with color balance and shadows and what not.

What I"m not ok with is that one of my guy friends used it to clean pimples, remove eyebags, make eyeball bigger etc. On his own picture ! weird !

erinalaw said...

So, this is lesson no 1 har? Next lesson I will drop by again. Thanks for the tips

3POINT8 said...

Oh...so thats the use of despeckle, to get rid of the dots...
Wow, I learned something new today!

Calvin's Wife said...

Oh yeah.. just use diffuse glow, hahaha but abit weird la

Okie dokie :D

Hais... you all la, bad influence... also, a camel head?!!! adoii ahahahha... i need the 2 pictures first wor..

Sometimes auto balance not really perfect hehehe... dont be lay, learn new things eeryday ma :P

Princess Eileen:
WAKAKAK u lah and the pinkoholic of the rest.. cis.. LOL

Airbrush zits? LOL thats a good start... u can even use the rubber stamp tool to copy and paste a certain texture.. :P

Wahh LOL, whos face you want on your body? :P

Iced Nyior:
Ya lor, :( now where to find pirated software ler... :( thats y im so outdated wakaka

Simple American:
LOL, erm, how to say you're welcome in Mandarin? LOL "Mei Kuan Shi"?? That's never mind I th ink.. LLOL

JAson Phoon:
(=_=)" wat the fuck thats so extreme makeover HAHAHAHAH, so the want to be a beauty guy adoii

Erina Law:
Hehe yes yes, will have tips 2 future :D

Yah, you take away all the stoopid dots, but that will sometimes make your pic abit blur... but not so blur so its okay lah :P