Ya know, today I would like to blab bout men. Well, maybe not all men are like the things I'm gonna talk bout next, but mostly of them are. Grrr~!!

Men, they can't wash dishes properly, sometimes they'll leave some detergent marks on the plates or worst, they don't wash them at all. They'll just leave them in the sink and hope for some Super Saint Cleaner to come and help them do it. If not, they'll just leave them there for at least a day, cause in the end I'll be the one cleaning them up.

And if they were the ones who cook, oh my oh my, the Kitchen God would just faint. Everything would not be in order, the counter top would be all time wet, spots here and there, oh... just disastrous.

Men, sometimes they just don't know how to help out with house chores, for example, if I cook, come on, you know you can help me do the dishes after meals (which is rarely because of the previous incident). Vacuuming and mopping floors could be tiring ya know, cause you'll be like bending your back the whole time while you're doing them and men just never seem to offer, unless we tell them to do so. Gah~! And when they do help, its the "cincai cincai raba raba"(lousy work) method... (=_=)" I might as well just do it, huh!

Toilet. *rolls up eyes* No one cleans them, the floor yes, but those spots of moss between those tiles? No, they are waiting for another Saint to do that for them. Ya know, you might think cleaning toilet is gross, but hey, I think it is total grossness too, so why can't you be the man and do it? And those toilet bowls, yeah that's easy, just pour in those Squeeky Ducky Clean Detergent and you're done, but no, have to wait for me to do it. Cleaning a toilet is damn tiring by the way, I cleaned them before we shifted in and I almost lost an arm there, and there are two toilets in our apartment, so go figure!

And their socks, pile up in the corner in the bedroom waiting for me to wash them, ngerhhh~!! And when they don't have enough of them, they'll go "Oh, no more socks ah? Didn't washie for me?" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ya know, they can live in a rat hole. That's it. Sorry peeps but I just had it this month, and too bad I just need to find something to blab about!


3Days said...

Not every man is like this...
Hopefully I'm not...
I just curious with my roommate..
So what, he never to clean the toilet..
Issit it is very hard to clean the toilet?
I want to faint every day...because I'm the one who clean the toilet...
If not....I don't know what the toilet will be....later...

For cooking, I would like to say "Yes". I did, I like to cook very much.

But..I was trying to learn something new recipe ..at least some man is like in cooking too.

But...I've faced some woman, who wasn't like to cook at all...

I'm sure your hubby is happiness cause having you this nice wife.

Calvin's Wife said...

3 Days:
LOL, okay, if you dont clean the toilet its gonna be .. 0_o ... ngahahaha, and yes, its good guys can cook, my hubby cooks very well too and that i dont complain, :D but must always ensure cleanliness... kah kah kah....

zewt said...

heh heh... is someone complaining??? calvin... are u reading this?

X said...

Cincai raba raba wukakakaka...sweet. I wish i could do that, but in the end if the men is living alone. i guess he will learned to appreciate the hard work of his better half and will eventually hlep out. But when he is pampered like a king at home, he will always be the same ...:P

Ghost said...

I always believe that a couple with Family-Faces is a couple derserves happiness,Wish you good life!

Jason Phoon said...

sounds like cazzy's post !

hey hey , i'm very neat and independent since i came to brisbane ok ...

iwan c.m.n. said...

sorry to hear that lah. But cazzy ah, isnt it normal for a male to be like that? hehehe jangan marah..! (not that I'm like that). Its easy to find
a male like that. If you got the one who really takes care about the cleanliness, he's a bit rare. :)

Enjoy playing with wei wei

Simple American said...



Guilty as charged. That is why I hired a maid and had children.

Cazzy said...

Haha! It does sound like my post!

And this is just one male. 4 males lagi you sakit jiwa. So disgusting.

Princess Eileen said...

Wakakaka... I really should have less married friends (Eh, not a lot actually) ... How come all are giving me negative feedbacks about marriage?

I think I am as bad as the men you mentioned above... haha... that's bad right? I gao ting everything when I am overseas but now that I am back to my comfort zone I just need to do the dishes and the occasional house chores. HOME SWEET HOME!!!

Anyway, I asked my mum before why you wanna sacrifice so much for the family, busy day in day out for a HOUSE (something that is not breathing & would not appreciate your efforts & probably we wont even appreciate how clean it is).

She said when you really care & love someone you want the best for them. It is truly something I learn when I grow up that you will do things willingly or stupidly when you love unconditionally.

But still I believe in equality & fairness, so....... throw that mop to Calvin!!! Wakakaka.... Perhaps a better option is to make a timetable to split out the house chores (back to college/university times :P).

Calvin's Wife said...

Kih kih kih, naaahh he rarely drops in, but his colleagues do once in a while wakakakak.... so i hope he can hint to him a bit LOL..

Yes i understand, perhaps he has to work outside too and get tired and all, but during weekends maybe he ca be a little bit niceeee.... :(

Who are you? Wakakaka... dont la be a ghost.. :P Come share yourself with the world :D

Jason Phoon:
Wahahaha.. ahbothen?? You ca ask the Jap girl geehhh.. ahahahahah

Iwan CMN:
Oh yeah.... maybe all male's nature are like that.. cisss... so are you like this too? :D Ngek ngek ngek...

Simple American:
HAH~!! See?? LOL...

huh... yours lagi... i will kill them all!

Princess Eileen:
Hahahaha... well, not that marriage is bad, perhaps when i was still staying with my parents, i am spoilt, i rarely do house chores :P. SO now... i feel wat my mom felt, :P

A duty rooster? Huiyoooh.. hahahah no need to be that yim chung kuaa... HAHAHHAHA, that is soo soo back to the days when me and my siblings were living together... HAAHAHA....

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Car tyre no air already! Just poke in the air plus & pump lah???!!!
Car no water oih!!!!Just open the hood & pour in the water lah???!!!
House not light???!!! Just change the blub lah???!!!
Etc etc!!!
SO easy wan! Why ladies don't know har???
He! He! ( Ladies pls don't 'parang' me arr!!!)
I suppose most guy if u ask them to do kitchen work sure diaster wan.
Ask a lady to do basic car maintainent sure she can drive a car with 3 wheel only!!!
So guy & gurls r specialise in their area!
Have a nice day!

ET said...


Calvin's Wife said...

Horny Ang mOh:
Wahahahah,, hmm you got a point there... :P Yes yes... its just the nature of males and females i gues.. ;)