Is anyone here going to this outing on this coming Sunday? I am confirmed going because my step dad is very excited bout it and kept on indirectly pestering me to go together. Everyone can bring their dogs down to the beach in PD, well the beach might not be a "Redang" but heck, how often do you get to take your dog down to the beach here in Malaysia.

Also, this would be a good time for Wei Wei to mingle around with other dogs. And this would be her first ride out in our car, and I could smell disaster, hahahahha.... cause if Micky is gonna be with Wei Wei in the car together-gether, oh noo, Micky is gonna salivate everywhere and he's not gonna leave my poor baby alone during the whole journey there. I just hope he behaves well, so does Wei Wei... hmmm

So anyone else going? :D

Port Dickson, 4th Mile

16 Sept 2007

Meet: 8:00 am, Mambau Rest Area (southbound),
Seremban-Port Dickson Expressway (E29)

This trip is open to all MKA members and their dogs.

This is not a hiking trip; rather, we'll be spending the morning on the beach with our dogs. Bring your own food for a picnic lunch on the beach. We meet at the southbound (heading towards Port Dickson) Rest Area on the Seremban-Port Dickson Expressway. This is located just after the Mambau Toll Plaza. There is ample parking space at the Rest Area since the stalls there are mostly not in operation. Please get there early since we'll be leaving from there at 8:00 am on the dot to get to our final destination. If you arrive late, you will have to find your own way to the beach.

There is no scheduled activity on the beach. We hope you can make good use of the time to socialise with other MKA members, and just as importantly, give your dogs a chance to socialize with other dogs and other humans. Of course, this is the perfect opportunity for them to jump into the water. Feel free to organise games and other activities if you wish. If you wish to set up a char koay teow or mee rebus stall, you'll have lots of eager customers.

Contact Person: Siew Teip 016-2206510,


Huei said...

COOL!! event for dogs! now that's somethign NEW in msia!!!!

X said...

ohhh...not moon kek asso. :P hmmm, i dun think i can make it ler....i already got plans on Saturday n Sunday. but do keep me posted if there is another one of these event :P i m sure to join if i m free :P. thx

ItchyHandseng said...

Interesting event.But my dog is in penang hahaa sobs.Have fun there

Jason Phoon said...

I can't go :(

1) I don't have a dog

2) I'm here in brisbane

Its alrite, you go ahead and have fun !!

Princess Eileen said...

Hahahahahaahhaa... I think you know why am I laughing...


Calvin's Wife said...

yeah, this is something rare actually... hahaha and the beach somemore i hope its ok for them to go dipping too..

ahahaha mooncake in genting, want? LOL... well if got more of these will inform lah, hope to see woa woa too.. :D

owhhh so far away.... well maybe next time lor ;)

LOL, ok ok.... come back m'sia get a dog then.. :P

Princess Eileen:
Wahahahha aiyooo, if u bring him ah, i also dunno how liao hahahahahha... dang...

Simple American said...

Sounds like there is a potential for fun as long as the fidos get along with each other.

Most important is this provides blogging fodder. Don't forget the camera. :)

Calvin's Wife said...

Simple American:
Hehehe well i hope all of them fidos will have fun~!! and of course me will snap snap snap~!!