I wasn't in yesterday to blog cause I was out searching a nice perfect gift for my father for his 48th birthday tomorrow. Like I've mentioned before in my previous post, hunting gifts for males gives me headache. I went to Jusco with my mom to search for it, since she's been kinda experienced larh by providing male gifts for many years, so I tagged her along with me.

Frankly speaking, it was kinda 'boo-boo' to find gifts at Jusco Kepong, ahahaha but I didn't have the car with me yesterday so I was limited to my 1km of perimeter around me, LOL. So we browse through the whole mall, and I finally made up my mind to get him perfume larh, tsk, what else I can get. So we headed to the perfume shop that sells varieties of them.

The sales lady introduced to me a few of these and that, well, I kinda like the new Calvin Klein's Euphoria for Men, but my mom kept telling me it smells almost similar to the rest of their ranges and my dad has quite a number of Klein's at home. (tsk, sudah divorce pun tau apa dia ada, cheh) So I went testing Givenchy's Blue Label Silver Collector for Men, yucks, smells like Brut, no thanks, and headed for Boss Selection for Men by Hugo Boss, well, I kinda liked it, I forgot what it smells like but I know I liked it alot.

Then the sales lady kept on pushing me to take Gucci's latest fragrance Pour Homme II, well, the bottle and all looks squarish and classy and like some people have said in a perfume review site, "you could kill somebody with that thing", wakakaka. It wasn't my best choice cause I don't think I would like it, it smells of green tea to me though its said to have "Woody and spicy...The scent has top notes of bergamot and violet leaves, a heart of pimento, black tea and cinnamon and base notes of olive wood, tobacco leaves, musk and myrrh".

It was a tough decision for me to pick which one MY DAD would like, especially when your nostrils are filled with various of scents and the sales lady is inefficient of providing you some coffee beans to clear your nose before smelling others. (=_+)", so I told her I would take a while from her shop and go walk walk lor.

While walk walk, me and mom was discussing the price, or more likely me discussing it with my brain, wahahaha. The Gucci perfume ALONE will cost me RM263 and it doesn't even comes in a set. Hugo Boss's Selection, I like its smell, but I don't like their bottle at all, it's so plain and it will cost me almost similar to Gucci's.

Oh, after some calculating and thinking, Me and mom went back to the shop and purchased Gucci's. Anyway, my dad has Hugo's, Klein's, Dunhill's, and some others and I don't think he has any Gucci before so yeah, I hope he'll like it, my RM263 flew away... LOL I'm such a bad daughter aiseh.. :P *knocks my head, eyy, your dad raise you for a million you know*

Today, I was browsing the internet to know more bout Gucci's fragrances and when I saw their poster ad for this particular fragrance, I was like "Oh uhh, that is so not right for papa" wahahaha, wanna know why? I'll show you the poster...

It is oh so gaaayyy, not that I'm against gays (better put this before someone tembak me AGAIN) but it is just so not like my "macho" dad, ahahaha. Tsk, it's just "too young" for him I guess? But I'm sure he wants to feel young :P so I think can pass larh, hais, this is my third time only buying someone a perfume okaaaay...

Well, just hope he'll like it. Tomorrow dinner with him and the rest of the 'clan', now have to think where to eat... aduhhh..


Princess Eileen said...

Ya such a sweet daughter :) I don't get to buy presents for my parents. They are very simple person who don't appreciate those kind of things. All I can give is love *chill*. Anyway, I give them free flow of facial and massage treatments. Keke.

Like my parents always say, it is not about the special days to show your love, but every single day. Never know what will happen tomorrow. Go home and hug your calvin lar :P

P.S. I gave my mum a hug today before I go to work. Hehe... some more "purring" for one :P My mum beh tahan me, quickly hug & run off. Kekeke...

Carysse said...

Can I join for the makan?? Haha...

Nux V said...

u r such a NICE daughter ;-)
unfortunately, i m not...
unlike u and Princess, i m abit cold towards my parents, mayb bcoz of the way i'm brought up. Normally v jst go for makan. No fancy gifts or loving hugs, coz they are sort of traditional, and due to age gap, v dun clique together :-)

erinalaw said...

It's the thought that is count. Not how much the gift is worth mah. Your dad will surely love it because of your thought.

Calv said...

wooo hoo hoo hoo i just got CKN2U only from bangkok airport, 100ml only RM175 kidna cheap though hehe.

anyways evie, great to know ur blogging skills better ady wo...and teaching photoshop on blog? wow....i learned something though hahaha


Jade Z. said...

damn ! so GAY !!!!! wth ~ LOL !!! i was l(ing)mao seeing that ... gay THINGGGGY !

Be3^Be3 said...

woman.... i got the CK for my baby... heheheh... i like the scent a lot!!!

John said...

Err... how old's ur dad?

Is he the type that uses colognes?

Coz my dad don't :P

X said...

OOOO..that is not gay anymore...the new Gay look is Cowboys and Hat...Check out the latest GQ(gay's quarterly ...wukakakka...)

Happy Bday to your Daddy :). I think the best give is still Ang Pow, Next time i will tell my kids ...Ang Pows only :P

Huei said...

Happy Birthday to your Daddy!!! =D

Gallivanter said...

Have you checked out Issey or Kenneth Cole ranges? :-)


Calvin's Wife said...

Princess Eileen:
So nice ur parents, easy to please, hehehe well am not saying my parents aren't but its just me, I want to give them something thats all... ya know, whats birthday wihout any surprises or gifts, thats my believe larh wakakaka..

I rarely hug my parents, I feel.. "huh??" LOL.. thats just so not me.. LOL my fault

Wakakak now the problem is i dunno where to eat also :P

Nux V:
So straight forward, I like you.. :D, joking, I'm sure you have your own reasons of whys, and I'll not want to ask you them... but I'm sure your family is just as the same as mine. ;)

Erina Law:
Yes i hope he does ;)

......... huh, I didnt know bloggign also must got skills wakakaka... damn you larh, faster when u wanna watch horror movie with me larh.. ishkk...

Jade Z:
LOL, no meh? Looks like it leh..

Now I know why... WAKAKAKAKA

he is 48 liao, he uses loads of them hehehe.. he like to pan leng leng wan ok

AHAHAHA brokeback mountain style kah? :P Thanks for the wish and yea ang pau is better but doesnt last long ma kakakak, true or not? :P

Thanks my friend ;)

I checked Issey, I think he has it but I didnt see any Kenneth Cole at the shop... hmmm..