At First, I wanted to do her a batik dress, but then I started to hate it cause my sewing really sucked on her top vest and so I discontinued with the batik. It is not easy I tell you, cause I don't have the proper tools, like pins (i used needles), tailoring marker(i used my old eye liner), measuring tape (i used a steel ruler... huh), bla bla, and bla.

Then I wanted to do her a simple dress, a monotone one, so I went to the textile shop and bought few materials. I got her a satin maroon, and some laces and ribbons, which I've really walked like a km to the shop which sells tailoring stuff. *my feeeeet*

And of course, I put extra effort in sewing properly this time, No cincai cincai, though it still sucked bad time but better than the one I did on the batik, wahahaha, so yeah... I took like 3-4 hours per day to complete it in 3 days, that's why I didn't blog, :P. Heheheh... And below is the final outcome, really sucked up finishings, but its wearable, kih kih kih...

The big gold buttons were recycled from Calvin's mom's tailoring tupperware hahahaha... They look nice so I used it larh... Over all, to make this dress I've only spent... let's see...

Maroon Satin Cloth: RM3.50 per metre (from curtain shop)
White Common Lace: RM1.20 per metre (from tailoring shop)
White Satin Ribbon: RM3.50 per metre (from tailoring shop)
Maroon Threads: RM0.90 per roll (from tailoring shop)
Gold Buttons: RM0.00 per piece (from mom-in-law's)

So yeah, round them up, it will be only less than RM10, :D. Ok whatttt.... Kah kah kah... :P

I'm gonna do her a black velvet dress next, and I have to make another vest for Micky boy too, he's her boyfriend for the time being now, I guess(?). So they have to come in a pair... :P. Oh well, what do you guys think? Does the dress look ok or not? A bit plain larh, but my mom said it's not bad for a first timer, I guess(?).


Cazzy said...

Omg, your dog will hate you for this. :p Haha! But great effort.

Princess Eileen said...

A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!! Cazzy's comment makes me LOL though.... I wonder if dogs actually like to wear the outfits we human give them to wear :P

Good effort though! :) I wonder how your kids will be dressed up in the future. Wakakaka

X said...

Wukakakakkaa, cannot stop laughing. Wee-o- wit Wei Wei. I think Wei Wei needs a Ribbon on her head to make her more feminine ler. Like this she looks more like a male dog in a dress. :P

Hey, but your workman ship looks very promising ler. you take orders arr? :P

Fabrics I can bring it down to KL when i am down if you still want it :D

spookygrace said...

it cost around RM60 for a puppy shirt in pyramid.. =.=""

ET said...

Shopowner: Adoi... good taste satin good!
Evie: ya ya... very nice... cantik la
Shopowner: What kind of curtains you making?
Evie: I making clothes for my dog.
Shopowner: =.=

voch said...

OMG. Dam nais ;) Other puppies in dogster sure jealous.

Jason said...

pink and grey combination..hmm.... looks abit odd leh..haha. But then good effort! i think u can open business making clothes liao.. :P

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Ha!Ha! Did dog*gy like it?? Have a nice day!

Calvin's Wife said...

wahahaha.. i know especialy when i kept calling her to come for me to check her measurements hhahha...

Princess EIleen:
LOL.... i dont know perhaps they dont like it at all.. LOL
And no i will not make clothes for my children....... (=_=)"

hais.. apa... all schnauzer look like tat wan mer... :( my workmanship sucks really hahahha if u see the real thing it sucks really.. LOL

You can pass them to me if u come lah, tat u have to inform me lor bila u datang...

Spooky grace:
Huh yeah it is expensive but of course it is better quality though :D

HAHAHAHAHHA kuciau lu... damn.... shessh well, i got nuthing to say myself :P

........... Hahahah thanks thanks, first trial, sucks, i need a real machine...

Is it? Ok marh the color, look abit keling but LOL ok larh

Horny Ang Moh:
Erm.. tat wan u have to ask doggy.. hahahha..

Simple American said...

At first I thought you were making a dress for someone's baby. keke

Looks really good. I think you did a super job. Doggie gonna wear it to PJ?

Calvin's Wife said...

Simple American:
Kah kah kah, no no, for a baby no.. LOL... their momma is gonna kill me if i do that!

Doggy is wearing it for outings... :D