I found my next favorite spot of Japanese cuisine, well since Dontaku went missing from Bukit Bintang, this one here in Desa Sri Hartamas would be my next location, ngeh he he he... price not bad, a dinner set varies from RM30-RM60, ok mah. Yeah and the next one I would really love to try is Jogoya at Starhill, 0_o, price is gonna be expensive but, I would love to try it someday. :D I heard many good things bout them so yeah...

Today is Friday, two more days and I'm off to the beach with them doggies, and another month then I'm off to Perth. So fast eh time goes by... 0_o... I need extra cash right now, else I cant afford to spend alot in Perth, it is almost RM3 per AUD1.... hais, anyone wanna donate me money??? :D You can always buzz me and ask from me my account number, wahahahahha....


Jason Phoon said...

after perth , come brisbane or gold coast! ^_^

Princess Eileen said...

Jogoya not bad. Went there twice when I came back last time. Kena "wat" by my gfs. Eh, I earn Ren Min Bi, not USD okay??!?!?!?

X said...

^#%#*... Gua tengah berpuasa, you post about food . I want pork teriyaki !!!! :P

Simple American said...

Have fun at the beach.

I keep my dollars up against the monitor but your blog won't accept them. :P

ET said...

How many thousands you need? You accept rupiah right? LOL!

zewt said...

have you tried rakuzen at chulan square? that tops my chart for jap at the moment, though i have yet to try the famous zipanggu.

used to go to sugimoto for lunch... think it's worth it.

one month in aussie only right?

Jade Z. said...

after perth , come launceston or hobart ! ^_^ *LOL*

John said...

Thumbs up for Jogoya, though that's just based on my gf & other friends' review... :P

I attached all the money I have in this comment, did u get it?


It's at the bottom


Huei said...

*stomach growling*

i wannnn!!!

Calvin's Wife said...

Jason Phoon:
LOL, friend, i got no money liao u still want me take their domestic flight ah?

Princess Eileen:
Hahahah Ren Min Bi also i accept... :P

Hah?? you puasa wan meh????

Simple AMerican:
HAHAHAHAHHA dang.... stoopid monitor~!!

Hah? Rupiah also can ler... :(

Oh really? Hmmm must try then... chulan square.... okok

Jade Z:
Waahhh.. another fella thinks im rich!! :( You donate to me lor.. :P


:P siok leeehh... i also want it now ahahhaha