Yesterday's outing was really kinda gloomy, well, mostly it was because of the cloudy weather, it started to drizzle around 9.15 am, but still, lemme just share with ya'll some pictures and some stories kih kih kih... A good story telling with great pictures make a good book, ngahahah.. ahemm so let's us start...

After letting them dogs (Mikey and Wei Wei) poo-ed and pee-ed, we left home at 6.30am to meet up with Samantha at Jalan Kuching, another Schnauzer lover whom, my step dad is kinda acquainted with, I guess. She is Wei Wei's ex-owner's friend. We then left to meet up with the other MKA members at Port Dickson's toll plaza to convoy down to the beach, cause we didn't really now which part of the beach we were supposed to meet.

*oh, hello hello, let's us sniff each other's arse first
to get acquainted~!! woof~!*
Shanice, Mikey, Jojo and Wei Wei

After meeting up with like a whole bunch of dog lovers, around 10-15 cars convoyed to the designated beach area. Well, the beach is of course not so clean larh, hahaha, what you expect Redang ah? :P Anyway, it was near a boat house or something like that, I guess the MKA had their permission to have their outings there.

In front of the boat house

As soon as we reach the beach, all things with tails started jumping out of the car and cages to the beach, some even went straight ahead into the sea, so cute, you should see them wadding and paddling in the water. ^^ Well, it was early morning and I had not had my perfect morning, so I went to the boat house and Bu Bu Jiew, hahahah, so yeah... after some satisfying moment, I headed back to the beach and I saw a whole bunch of different breeds mingling around each other.

*weeeee, let's us swim~!*
Them dogs and an owner in the sea

Of course, Wei Wei wants to go snooping around too, so her 'pervert' papa stripped her, wakakaka, yeah from her batik dress (finally done!) just in case she too wants to be a hero and start swimming. I tell ya, there were like 6-8 Schnauzers there, and I thought people don't really like them breeds cause they look like grandpas with beard, hahaha.

*Aiyoh papa, doe wan strip me in front of my friends ler.
paiseh wan you know*
Calvin taking off Wei's dress

I saw a few of them dogs that I really really like, one of them was the Siberian Husky, oh my, he was such a lover boy. He has brown coat and beautiful eyes, one blue and another hazel, I fell in love with him at first sight. And of course he was huge. I would love to cuddle him for the night, really.

*I know you love me, I know it*
Siberian husky trying to sniff his way around

Another breed would be the Border Collie, he was a handsome thing too, all black and a little pinch of white, it was such a beautiful sight. I think it was a he, hahaha, I'm not sure though but all I knew was this little handsome was kinda afraid of the water I guess, LOL, such a cutie.

*Erm, mama, I'm afraid of them waters!*
Border Collie sitting looking out to the sea

And of course, there was my all time favorite Golden Retriever, well, I think they trimmed them furs for the sake of the weather, but I still like them, smart dogs and beautiful thing. I wonder how is Copper doing by the way, Copper is Calvin Teh from Recorded Moments' punya dog. Hmmm, and he is currently very MIA.

*sniff sniff, I thought I smelled something*
Golden Retriever sniffing around

Anyway, there was this particular Cocker Spaniel who loved Wei Wei, hahaha, it tailed her and sniffed at her for quite some time and I was really afraid that he would take a bite at her arse, LOL, so I had to take her away from him down to the beach. So sorry, takut lahh...

*Back off! What you expecting,
a piece of bacon out from my ears?!*
Wei Wei getting sniffed at

So yeah, me, step dad and Samantha took them Schnauzers for a stroll along the beach and this was how Wei Wei looked like after her stroll, yep, all sandy around her snout...the little girl sniffed all her way through the beach. *notti notti*

*MaMa, MaMa, am I cute or what?!*
Wei Wei getting all sandy

I've always knew good things will never have good endings, someone just had to spoil our day, the blardy PD officers just had to come and spoil our outing. So yeah, everyone was kinda shocked and unhappy cause we thought since the MKA had 'kau tim' their verification and permissions, the people of PD would just accept the fact that we were there for some fun, not to harm them locals. But no, these idiots just had to come and try to have some fun of their own too! I heard one of them saying to another "Mereka nih sumua orang educated". Damn blardy right we are! Think you can come and have your morning tea expenses ah?? You slowly wait larh!

Finally, I think the organizer tried to reasoned out with them but failed and took a summon, I guess he just have to go back KL and complain to the MKA committee and get their justice? Oh also a Star journalist was with us, I hope he would write something to screw them off!

*Kita orang sudah dapat permission, jangan kacau*
PD officers trying to have their 'pocket money'

Well, since someone had to spoil our day, and the day wasn't helping us either, all of us packed up and cleaned them dogs. I tell ya, cleaning Wei Wei was so hard, she had furs on her legs and feet, and them furs had trapped those little twigs and sand, I had to comb her real hard to get rid of them. Poor girl, and poor step dad too, he had made us quite a picnic and we didn't even get to savor them.

To end the day, all of us had group shots for the MKA keepings and hopefully in the Star newspaper. We had our own too.

*lemme down, lemme DOWN~!!*
Step Dad w Mikey, Samantha w Jojo & Shanice,
Hubby w Wei Wei.

We left PD around 11 am, reached home around 12.30 pm, I think, and headed for step dad's picnic, hahahaha. After that, terus tidur lah, tunggu apa lagi?!! :P

I just don't understand these "people", first, we went to a spot at the beach where no one would be there at all, somemore it is puasa month, so them dogs can't possibly hurt anyone there, sudah lah we got permission. Second, we are responsible people, not like "them", we don't leave our dog's poo on the beach, we pick them up and throw them in the tong sampah, unlike some people after picnic, sampah bertaburan merata tempat. Third, these dogs are well trained, else we won't bring them out, duh!


Cazzy said...

Omg, I'd love to own a husky. I love them so much. After watching the movie Eight Below, I terus wanted to move to Antartica and live with huskies. I love that movie. So lovely.

And that last picture of your dog... despite looking like granpa's with janggut, your WeiWei looks very cute there!

And aih... you can never have a dog outing openly in Malaysia. Over here... senang only. Can go jogging with your dog, take them to the park, the lake... so cute. I wish my Pablo can morph into a husky overnight.

Princess Eileen said...

Dog Haven!!! Someone should treat the dogs with a round of ice cream cones! Wei Wei is so adorable~

As for those "people".... Sigh... no comments....

X said...

Oh, you should have record the two PD officer asking for duit kopi and then take another one of them actually accepting bribe and then send it to ACA, that would probably be in the headlines on Star ..wukakakaka.
The beach is really dirty ler, MKA should have come to Kuantan and I can saw them some virgin beaches here, clean and from kopi thirsty officers: P.
Why Wei Wei never swim? Doggie loves swimming ler. It is fun to watch them paddle around :P

Simple American said...

I love those husky kind of dogs. When I was a kid we had an Spitz. She was white as snow and kind of look like a Husky. But she could climb like a monkey. At least over chain link fences.

What a cruddy end to your meeting. Some people need to take a long walk off a short pier. Chez!

Your stepdad reminds me of someone. haha

John said...

Wei Wei is just too cute for my eyes to behold :)

Was that an Iban costume?

Hmmm... I never knew rubbish could talk... kih kih kih...

Huei said...

so many doggies!!!!!!!! i wana play with them!!!

i love seeing dogs run at the beach..look at them running around nature..amazing!! =D

erinalaw said...

come and claim your award at my blog lenglui

Calvin's Wife said...

I know, I soo love them huskies from that movie, dang, such a touchy movie, Maya, so beautiful...

Yeah, here sucks alot with dogs... aiseh... such cute creatures and they dont allow the... :(

Princess Eileen:
Ice cream? LOL they'll gonna be dirty and sugary, in the car :|

Haiseh... ya know, its unlikely the G would do anything bout it, sendiri orang wor.. so for fucks ah??

Virgin beaches ahahahahha.... u want me to get killed ah and the next thing u know Wei is on the barbeque grill! Wei Wei scared water wan ler...

Simple American:
Hmm who he reminds u of?? :D

Yeah u should have come... u would love all of them!!

Oahh heheh thanks thanks, so thoughtful of you.... I have another award! YAy~!!

voch said...

Evie..tht's doggy paradise! haha I didn't know there was a gathering like that or I would show up to take fotos of these cute puppies hahaha..Cos I live in PD :P

Jason Phoon said...

i agree with X, record those people. urghh i hate corruption.

Imagine if humans sniffed each others butts as greeting ! lol !

Simple American said...

An army buddy.

Calvin's Wife said...

Eh?? YOu never say you from PD else would have let you join the fun... :D

Wahahahha no I dont want to sniff arses, yucks... just wherever the sun dont shine on, no thanks....

Simple American:
Ohhh... well perhaps you know him ;)