I'm currently into the old old Walt Disney's cartoon movies, ya know, like Lion king, Pocahontas, Lady and the Tramp, Snow White, Cinderella, bla bla and bla bla. Kih kih kih, well... saja nak tengok balik lah kan so I kasi download from Limewire lor. :P Anyone remembers anything?? I only have these few, please add in if I left out any.

Lion King
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Sleeping Beauty
Lady and the Tramp
Beauty and The Beast
Little Mermaid

My sister's favorite

My all time favorite

I remember we sang "A Whole New World"
for our choir competition during primary school. :P


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Some of the cartoon not yet see wan! See mainly transformer, tom & jerry....another cat cartoon trying to catch tweety bird forget the name of the cartoon! Have a nice day!

erinalaw said...

all those are my fav too.

John said...

Cat and tweety is not Disney lah... adoi... that's Looney Tunes...

For ALL the Disney oldies, check out this site

ET said...

Ice Age!!! haha

Iced Nyior said...

i really really love all those disney songs. One of my favourites was from Lion King 2 - 'I know love will find a way'

Darren said...

Hey girl, do you know that I also like to watch Disney's movie very much!! I just watched Meet The Robinsons!! I really love those songs that playing in the movie especially the Beauty and the Beast one!!!

X said...

hunchback of Nostradamus is my favorite, the score is superb in that one.

Jason Phoon said...

you forgot Tarzan ! my favorite !

Nux V said...

i luv 'Beauty & The Beast'!!!
i always wanted to watch it (when i was a kid) but my parents never bring me to watch..sob..sob :-(

oh ya.."A Whole New World", i sang tis for choir competition too ;-)

zewt said...

i remember hakuna matata... lion king... absolutely love that cartoon!

Russ said...

Evie, what a coincidence! I was just watching 2 very old Disney cartoons on the plane ride back from the US...

guess which 2?? They actually made a tear roll down my cheek.. each of them!

'Dumbo' and 'the fox & the hound'

Dumbo growing up from a little baby elephant & learning how to fly! Tod & Copper; two childhood animal friends find themselves forced to become enemies..

Simple American said...

Hercules? Mu Lan?

I love those movies. Need grandkids so I can keep up with this movie scene. But I'm stuck for at least the next ten years. :P

Princess Eileen said...

My all time fav is "Beauty & the beast" too! (Wink to Nux)

Till date I still watch it at least once per year... and I dun like to watch cartoon when I am young (according to my parents). Weird kid.

Calvin's Wife said...

Horny Ang Moh:
Fuiyoooh you need to catch up with the world kawan.. :D must go watch~!!

Erina Law:
Hehehe siok eh?

Wahahha yes it is Looney Tunes, and btw thanks for the link, great site~! :D

Hmmm, good one i have that liao.. :P

Iced Nyior:
Ohh yeahhh i downloaded most of them liao hahahah... nice eh..

OoooOoooo i havent watch that one yet, must download then.... Beauty and the Beast was my first cinema cartoon movie :P

So sad eh that movie :( poor Quasi ...

Jason Phoon:
Oahh Oahhh OOOOOO~!!! :P

Nux V:
LOL one day we shall sing the song together then wahahhaha..

Hahahaha you should always put that song in you, think of no worries my friend :)

Oahh old school movie.... havent watch any yet, must download too...

Simple AMerican:
Mu Lan~!! I love it... Girl Power~!!

Princess Eileen:
Wahahaha I guess there's always a little kid still left in us eh.. :P