Many thanks to X for updating Evie's blog and sorry that I have been really bad for not contributing for the past few days. I just came back and it is past midnight. I shall update this blog for one last time before Evie came back.

It's a 3 days holiday for Hari Raya (one down, arrggghhhh) and I guess most of us are "balik kampung" regardless of our race, religion or culture.

I miss those years when I will join my family to go back to my parent's hometown to my grandparent's place for CNY celebration and meet all the kids to play. Most of us got "suffocated" becoz of the massive amount of smoke (fireworks) which is really bad in Sarawak :P

I miss those years when I am in KL and we will go back to East Malaysia for our yearly "balik kampung". We hardly go back nowadays after the first 4-5 years here, I guess we will soon become unofficial West Malaysians.

I miss the one year that I left Shanghai to go to Vietnam to see my parents coz they were working there that time.

It really means something for me to "balik kampung". This year I am stuck in KL coz my parents are here and suddenly I realised that I miss the feeling of "balik kampung".

It really means a lot ---- to be able to look forward to go back ---- to a place where your roots are, to where your family are, to where your relatives are, to a place you feel belong.

Tomorrow we will welcome Evie with open arms to "balik kampung" to Malaysia from Australia. Miss you gal & hopefully you brought presents for us (I mean you better, hahaha :P)


Kenny Ng said...

This year I only went back to my hometown once, I really miss my hometown now.... :(

Nux V said...

wooohoooooo!!!! Evie's back!
btw i m stuck in KL all the time coz i dun hav kampung :-((( so sien alrd....wish i hav a kampung!

zewt said...

hope the aussie bucks enough to spend eh...

X said...

ape ni ? tak balik balik lagi ?sesat jalan ka ? wukakakakkaak

Simple American said...

Presents! Always a good source for blog material. :)