Okay, this is an interrupted post just for my sister (and my brother), it's her birthday yesterday and these pictures were taken with her the day before in our house (Puchong). I went to had some things done with my father and then later decided to take her out for an early celebration just me and her, ya know the sister thang, wakakaka.

Anyways, we went to One Utama, where else, that's the best place or betetr said, that's the only place I'm familiar with wakaka, parking, favourite shops, bla bla.. etc. So I took her to Mardi Graas for lunch sets, and went shopping... for books, okay, not for clothes or girlie stuff... see how book wormies we both are? WAHAHAHHA, wtf anyways seriously we bought books, we went to the second hand book shop, and then later to MPH. :P

Right, so my dear sis, I hope you like the little gift I present you and I hope Kor Kor likes the horror book I gave him too for his birthday (9th October I wasn't around, pardon me). Read more books and get your English grades good! Goodness gracious, we speak English at home and your English grades are darn lousy wakakaka... tsk, what la (ahemm, your jiejie English got A1 wan ok).

But still, I wish both of you many happy returns of the day and may all your wishes are fulfilled with joy and happiness. May God look upon you and guide you through the good and bad times you go through your teenager years, don't play too much, you'll regret later in your life. ;)

Happy Birthday once again and always remember I do care for both of you though I'm not with you guys staying in the same house anymore. I still get to know what bad things you both do wakakaka... and stop giving dad a hard time, geez... you give him hard time he come and complain and scold me wan okay.. like it is my fault, niaseng lu orang.. wakakaka... Okay, best of luck, and love you two *hugs*.

Ahemm, pardon my sister's pose and all, she memang suka emo style, wtf, what's so nice being one anyway? And also, I don't really have pics of my bro, he is camera shy (wtf, LOL, no larh joking). It is just that we rarely have the chance to have snapshots together.. :P He always not at home, keluar lepak with his friends, ciss... tak guna punya adik..


Jian said...

happy belated birthday to your sis and bro :)

btw, your bro jz like me XD hahah
seldom at home 1 :P..

hopefully my sis wont go kutuk me "no use 1" in her blog XD hahaha

Princess Eileen said...

Your sister have very sexy, thick lips. Make guys wanna smooch....

Hehe... you also look great in those pics.. esp the 3rd who shows some curves. Wuakakkaak *runaway*

Nux V said...

pweet weet! sexy sisters! i almost wanna nose bleed liao....
ur poor bro, alwiz kena kutuk by u at blog...he must be sneezing all the time ;P

Jason Phoon said...

ehhh , this post is excuse for her to show her own pictures :P

X said...

i nak main kacang...

buang kulit kacang ke dalam longkang evie ...wukakakaka

Calvin's Wife said...

wakakakka... im sure ur sis is not as GOOD as me geh wakakaka.. :P thanks for the wishes byw ;)

Princess, Nux, Mr.JP, X:
Damn you all ler >.<

X said...

okok i will say something nice ....

evie cantik nya di gambar ,,,,,
longkang nya pun besar :P

hey it rhymes :p


no no...i will say something nice here....evie looks almost as young as her sister :P, maybe younger :P

Simple American said...

Happy birthday to your siblings.

Your sister is pretty cute.
But you can tell she wants to not be seen as copying her jiejie. She even pierce the opposite side of her nose from you. LOL!

Calvin's Wife said...

ughhh~!! YOu need some slappings!

Thanks for the wishes.. and yeah now my mom has a nose stud too wahaha, all women in the house has one now :P

ET said...

Woooo la la~ *nose bleed*

Happy Belated Birthday! :P