Me and hubby took the cheaper way but difficult (rolls eyes, damn freaking tiring) to get ourselves to Perth cos we wanna save money on the air tickets ;). So the day before our flight, we took a bus down to Singapore with 2 bags (1 back pack,1 roller bag, and Singapore was damn freaky hot and got no breeze at all, geez!). We put up a night at hubby's cuzzie's house and took a bus down to Changi early in the morning the next day.

p/s: oh I met up with the lazy assed Seenboy too, ;) thanks for greeting us at the bus stop though we had to wait for you to arrive after 10 minutes! :P

Qantas Air was okay, they had pretty 'old' stewardess, wakakaka... but their service is good. We had lunch in our flight, food was okay and the ice cream was good, and of course, the chocs and wine were the best. We arrived in Perth after 5 hours of smooth flight.

To pass through the Australian custom was a big major headache, they were strict in many things. No food stuff, wood materials, bla bla and bla. The officers asked us tons of questions upon our arrival. Phew! As though we were criminals wakakak... muka aku camni boleh jadi terrorist ker? Wukakakak.. anyways, Melody (my 19 year old sister in-law) was the first to greet me from behind as I was trying to figure out which coins were a dollar and so when I was trying to pay my freaking AUD3.50 bottle of Coke.

After some warm hugs and greets, we were deported back to our 'new' home, I love the house, so comfy and warm... and of course, I forgot to mention the weather, IT WAS SOOOO GOOOOD, it was 20 celcius, I think when we arrived, the air was definitely fresher and cleaner and the sky was bluer and the grass was greener... oahh.. it was love at first sight, wukakak... anyways..

The first thing my step-dad in-law did was, bring us to the wine house and stock up our booze! God damn it, the freaking wines were damn blardy cheap! Can you imagine, the cheapest wine was like AUD3.95??? Everyone can get drunk there anytime with less money, what the hell... We bought, like, crazy 6-8 bottles of them and a barrel pack of 5 litre wine... and they were only less than AUD50... shites!

We had dinner that night, mother in-law cooked us Chinese dishes and her food was not bad, ;). And as you've guessed, dinner was served together with red wine, with tons of refill of course wukakakaka... we retired early that night for we had quite a tiring trip earlier that day, and oh, that night it was damn blardy cold... I knew I was beginning to love that place and I don't wanna go home.

Come back tomorrow for Day 02 updates ;) I wanna do this day by day, and enjoy every moment of it.. :P


ET said...

Welcome back Evie! Hope you have had a great holiday.

Qantas Airways is well known for old stewardess like United Airlines. But these ladies are very very experienced.

X said...

i want to drink all the wine there betul

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Nice wine! i look forward to more up date! Have a nice day!

Princess Eileen said...

I am more of a beer & hard liquor person. Hahaha....

Cazzy said...

I got so drunk off wine and now I'm sick of it. Bleargh!!! I bought a bottle of wine for a friend of mine when we went to her party, and I drank the whole bottle. It's nice to drink it but not so nice when you throw up and all that lingers in your mouth is the aftertaste.

voch said...

Nice holiday! Can't wait for part 2;)

KennetH said...

welcome back..hehe...Nice photos...

Calvin's Wife said...

Thank you Ed, yea I had a great holiday :D...

Hahah I guess they are indeed the older stewardess with good experience! :P

Wakakak yea it was memang best betul! Get high every day and tok nonsense wakakak..

Horny Angmoh:
Yes please do visit often to have a look at the pics.. ;)

Princess Eileen:
Wakakaka.. you hardcore thats why wakakaka..

You bought for a friend and you drank it all??? ..... that sounds so wrong wakakak... I know, when you had too much of it, you'll get sick of its taste.. I almost had that feeling wukakak..

Thanks, please come again hehehe..

thank you.. come again tomorrow for more! ;)

Johnny Ong said...

aussie wines - one of the best.
been to brisbane, gold coast, sydney - their place is so clean even at public area.