The next day, they took us to the Araluen Botanic Park in Darling Range, 35 km of south east Perth. Areluen is much more like a country side, you could actually breathe in the scent of trees around you, and not to forget, the wildflowers were darn beautiful... ;) But of course, that area is prone to bush fires during the hot blazing summers so, though I would love to have a house up there with mini horse ranch and to make love everyday out at the meadows, sorry, not gonna take a chance wakakak..

MIL actually took us there to show us those beautiful tulips that grows widely around that garden. I was quite excited at first, ya know, getting to actually see and feel the real tulips, but to my disappointment, they were out of season that early spring, oh what the hell..

Anyways, the garden was well maintained by the park organization, mostly of them were elderly ladies with green fingers, :P. Around the area, you get to see quite a variety of trees and plants, and lilies, huge wild lilies.

The picture (above) are mistletoes, well without the berries, not yet fully grown, might be just in time before Christmas, wakaka, siok eh? Put a mistletoe under your window and you'll get slobbery wet kisses wakakaka.

We spent quite a few hours at the botanic garden, taking snap shots and searching for tulips. Well, only managed to found a few stalks of them actually, wakakak and it is too sad to show the stalk here larh, wahahaha.. so damn sad, only one stalk per area.. damn..

When you're in a cold weathered country, everything you find there is huge, the vegetables, the fruits, the flowers, the people, the boobies, wakaka, not so sure bout the dicks though AHAHAHAH.. damn, the picture (above) is a picture of a lettuce I think, I'm not quite sure... :P

Above pic consist of my MIL on the far left, step-dad in-law, me and Calvin. Sister in-law was the photographer, while below is a pic of me and her together at the souvenir shop.

Later, we left the park to King's Park, near to the city of Perth, and that, shall be another post later on tonight :D... So I'll shall leave this post now and do my thang! :D .. see you later, oh Mr.JP, the rolling on grass thingy later tonight wakakaka.. ;)


X said...

Hard to imagine you that tall. wukakakak

That place kinda remind me of broke back mountain wukakakkaka

ET said...

Since all the ladies featured in the photos are not available, I can only concentrate on the greeneries.

Damn, must be real cool to be there. I'm so totally drawn into the nature.

X said...

Evie SIL not available meh?

Calvin's Wife said...

.......... I got nuthing to say lor like tat...

Wakakak my SIL is still single ler.. :P Yes, that's why more of my pics are sceneries... cannot resist taking them!

SINGLE but not available heheh

Princess Eileen said...

Evie' SIL is available mar... Haha, ET you sure you wanna be relatives with Evie???? Wukakakaka

Calvin's Wife said...

*cough cough* ei, I almost choke on my orange cake, wakakak... im a bad choice to make a relative is it? cis waskakakka

rant said...

I'm laughing at all the comments. LOL!

ET said...

Aiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... see lah Evie, never allow other options. Use salah acct again!

Princess Eileen said...

wukakakakaka.... once again, princess left a decent comment :P