Okay okay, now I'm "ENG" liao, can do some minor posts and updates before Saturday. I was busy cause I was helping my hubby with some stuff of his, and I expect him to love me more for it wakakaka... and also I don't mind if HE PAYS SOME OF MY SHOPPING SPREE IN PERTH, wakakaka... tsk so demanding but hehe no harm trying kahkahkah..

Ok today I want to talk about money matters. I was at Princess Eileen's earlier and she mentioned something on buying value priced pastries, so you can go and read her post to find out what's the story of hers with pastries. :D

Right, so, well... how often do you go grocery shopping at Tesco, or Jusco or Carrefour or wherever? For me, I go grocery shopping at least twice per week to stock up my food supply and household items. Right, so when you buy let's say a tooth brush, which will you opt for? Pro Dental, Oral B, Colgate or Jordan? As you all know, Oral B is quite pricey than the rest because of it's branding and because it's kinda good too, but what about the rest? Jordan and Pro Dental's price range is almost similar, they always come in a value buy pack, say, 3 for RM7.99. Frankly speaking, these two brands are just as good as Oral B and they serve the same purpose as well, brushing your freaking teeth and they last for quite a long time, depends how you torture your teeth and gum larh. Right.

When you're at the dairy aisle and looking for some chocolate milk to take home, which brand would you pick and why? There's my favorite Farm House, there's Marigold, HL, and a few more others. Right, so which would you choose? Farm House is RM3.20, Marigold RM3.65, HL RM3.89. I would go for Farm House, and of course would check out the expire date to see if there's at least another a month and a half left before its no good. You might say, "aiyah.. another 45 cents to get Marigold, what the heck buy larh".

WRONG! You're spending an extra 40 cents for that product and if you were to buy 10 of them, you will be spending RM4++ for them. Yes, you're not buying 10, but if you were to calculate all of your other products (if you choose all good value goods) in your shopping cart, you will be saving quite a few ringgit. And if you go grocery shopping like me twice a week, you'll be saving at least (let's say RM15 per trip) RM120 per month!

RM120 per month x 12 months = RM1,440

See how much you could save them? I've ever encountered a family member who scolded me for choosing Nutrigen instead of Vitagen for that few cents. And both of them blabbed at me for choosing another brand of chocolate spread instead of Nutella. Tsk, those other brands just serve the freaking purposes that's all, just not that famous that's all. And since they both are in advertising line, they should know better that those extra cents you're paying for that WELL KNOWN brands are for the brand's ads and all.

For me, I buy things that I think is valuable and serves the purpose that I want. Easy, and you save quite alot per month. You'd think I sounded kiam siap, which means stingy, but no, that's call smart buying. Remember, CONSUMERS ARE ALWAYS THE ONE PAYING FOR THE ADS YOU SEE ON TV AND BILLBOARDS.

By the way, a can of Coca-Cola costs you a mere 3-5 cents per can, the rest is for their advertising purposes. Understand what I'm trying to say?

Oh by the way, it's International Bloggers' Day for Burma on the 4th of October, so get this and support them monks today. ;) Sign up and get yourself joinging the otehr bloggers, by the way I'm participant no.6494. ;)

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Princess Eileen said...

Nicely written. Yellow-faced woman memang different. Wuakakkakaka... jk :P Hell, that would be 4 fingers pointing to me. Choi choi choi.

I rather walk 10 minutes extra to where I park my car to save RM3 every working day also. Errr... let me think.... maybe dun get a bf, saves more money too. haha... so lame...

Eh, you need to save more most important YOU OWE US CHOCOLATES FROM AUSTRALIA!!!! Time to save... dun buy make up :P

Calvin's Wife said...

Wong Min Poh??? Why does everyone call me that... whats the real meaning of it actually... tsk... u all bad people..

Yes, i need to save.. but i only have AUD400 only :(

X said...

Eh? who is taking care of Wei Wei?
Bring her her eto kuantan and i take care of her for free...wukakakaka.

Jason Phoon said...

AUD 400 ???

I just spent it today :(

(ok ok , it was to pay the rent .. :P )

John said...

Nutrigen or Vitagen, both r no good... not scientifically supported products... as good as cheating consumers. Only Yakult is dependable...

Sometimes I guess it's not the price, but the quality or value for money ;)

zewt said...

welcome to the free burma gang!