Welcome home Evie!!!!
Hope you like the welcome home banner

A little welcome back music, since you like the "jiwang type of songs"

People do leave a note in the comment to welcome Evie :P Thankyou


X said...

Welcome back and mana saya punya present :P

Cazzy said...

Yay! Welcome back Evie Beavie! Too bad, you had to come home. Oh well... next time you'll move there and be happy.

As for now. Scoff down those chocolates and be merry.


pinksterz said...

auntie evie!!!!!!!!

welokam back home!!!!!!!

ok so where my pressie?

Jian said...

welcome back~ eve :)

John said...

Sudah balik ker?


Jason Phoon said...

oohh , new nickname now . aunty evie ! hahaha ... sounds better than aunt thelma no ?