mummy says we should be good beings in life and help out whenever possible for the needy. Therefore, without hesitation I accepted the offer from Evie's "cry of help" to maintain her blog, but being me.... I will also make full use of it... and how am I suppose to do that?

Do advertisement for my blog lar (and also for my partner in crime)!!!! Wukakaka.....

Name: Princess Eileen (Click here for the superb link :P)
From: Royal Palace, Far far away land, Paradise
About me: I am an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind princess from the royal family from far far away land who is dangerously single and still awaiting for her charming and whacky prince, and to anticipate for his arrival, I shall name myself as Waiting-For-You-Princess-Eileen. I am 2X, and I have dreams that my prince should be able to achieve before I hit the age of 30. Call me a realistic believer but hey, there's just me trying to be frank, right? ;) I like being around sincerity, honesty and simplicity (Calvin's wife must be talking about Princess Eileen), and I despise pretentious beings and perfectionists wanna-be (Shooo shooooo). Lastly, I am who I am (cute, pretty, sophisticated, funny, nice and etc), take it or leave it (I am definitely a taker, ROFL). I will not change my self being just to be near you (but you can change yourself to some hot personality and be near to me). *grins wickedly* And so I shall welcome you to my chamber of memories, a place where I keep my royal thoughts and my meaningful ramblings.
Sounds familiar??? Please look at the sidebar on the top left, wukakakaka...

Name: X (My partner in crime)
From: Vampire land, Freaky place
About me:
CLICK ON THE X BELOW AND THERE WILL BE NO RETURN!!!! TRUST ME IT IS WORTH THE "CARESS DOUBLE-CLICKING ACTION" OF YOUR MOUSE! Work on your clicking actions, people! (Some blog no need lengthy words to attract attention, therefore just go there and get your ass busted! Wukakaka).



Nux V said...

Princess: wuahaha...u really make full-use of the opportunity ya?

so, all these distorted layout were X's job???

Cometh said...

Hohohoho, thought you might do something like this... =p

Anyway, the power is in your hand... so up to you whatever you want to do ho.. =p

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility... hehehehehe.. Lame, I know...hahahaha =p

pinksterz said...


X said...

Eh, i have nothing to do with this ler....i don;t know how to work the HTML. anyway ? what is HTML to make love izzit ?

me blur and innocent

guaisaujai said...

Hahaha....u guys are killing this blog and committing a crime!!

Simple American said...

So you want a double link now?

zewt said...

post some porn!! kakakaka!