Nov 3, Saturday Update-
Dear all; I've made up my mind not to sell the piano, and no Calv, there's no pile of money in between them wahahahaha, I wish though :P. Thank you all for your thoughts and advices, I really appreciate them. And now, I shall wait till the day they call me again and I'll tell them my final answer... ;)

I am in the midst of being a kind woman, and an evil bad one too... why? Hais.... I am just gonna blab none stop bout this... See, I own a second hand Yamaha piano in Ipoh, and we've brought that poor instrumental piece all the way up to my Puchong apartment as well, how can I leave it behind, it was my first piano when I was 12 (i think).

Now, how we got that piano? It was second handly dealt from my father's ex colleague, if I am not mistaken, they were in a financial need, and since my father was really looking for a piano for me to practice my lessons on, I had that piano for my birthday that year.

Truthly speaking, it has been years I have not been playing it, well, got, but not that often anymore where I would at least spend an hour on that beauty playing pop songs and classical music. I stopped my lessons when I was 17, I did not want to have any other things bothering my exam (no, it didn't work, wahahahaha... shites) so I left the world of music when I was in early Grade 6. Occasionally, I would play a song or two to hear her tinkle... and for me to know that I still have that music touch in me.

Earlier today, this person, no make it this whole family, woke me up from my sleep. *groans* Actually, they've called me and my dad before a few days back. So, this family of members were the one who sold us their piano long time ago... now why would they wanna call MOI after such a long time? Ah yes, you might have guessed it right... they want to buy my piano back.

*sobs* They keep pestering me and my dad to sell it back to them, telling me that that piano has sentimental values la, means alot to them la, family thingy la, this la that la.... ooooooohhhh what the heck. What about me then? It was a gift from my dad, well maybe not much things were going around between me and my piano (I dont know what they had with the piano anyway, someone died inside? wakakaka, kidding, there's no body in it) but still, they were the ones who SOLD to us when they've decided they wanna sell the piano for their money thingy.

Hais, now I'm thinking should I or should I not sell the piano back to them. It is like, I'm owing them something everytime they call me on the phone... (=_=)", pestering me and almost bugging me to sell it off... hais, then I shall have no more piano to play my favorite classical song. And I don't know how much is a second hand piano out there, if I ever want to replace the old one...

My sister is totally against the idea of selling it, my dad, no problem as long I say whatever I want, but I think he also don't want to sell it off, cause we really took the hassle to bring it up to our apartment without a lift and because I had said no previously when we shifted up to KL. Ngerh~

How how HOW?!! I've already tried telling them that I won't sell, but no, "Eh, don't like this, I only borrow you, now you must give back" in a comical way... (=_=)" Ha Ha Ha... farnieee... *screams* Please people, tell me, how and how???


X said...

this is your opportunity ... Sell your second hand piano for a good price and buy yourself a baby grand :P....if not buy and normal one ...then the rest of your money go for hokiday again ...YAY...

Win Win situation, if the piano is so sentimental to that man ...he will pay one ...wukakakakka

Jason Phoon said...

x is evil mann .... holding sentiments for ransom .. ahahhaa.

but seriously, you have no obligation to sell the piano. I mean , you do play it once in a while right ?

Simple American said...

My daughter quit playing piano and now we have this grand piano sitting in the living room collecting dust. I say sell it and get it out of my house.

So my opinion is biased. If you wanna play it, keep it. Otherwise it will just be a place to hold junk.

I would like to get midi keyboard however. Something that I can hook up to my PC so I can play with music a bit. :)

Cazzy said...

It was given to you. It's YOURS. It WAS theirs. Too bad. You keep your piano. It has sentimental values to you too.

Stick to your guns.

Princess Eileen said...

I don't see the reason you MUST sell back to the person. Unless he giving you a price that is IRRESISTIBLE. You can always shoot back and say that the piano has sentimental value to you. Dont be so nice (like me, wukakaka), well try to be more firm to your ground lor. We cant please everyone and end up being pitiful ourselves.

My personal opinion lar. *Doesnt mean I will do that myself* Kekeke

ET said...

I can understand your dilemma, I own a 21-yr-old violin myself and even if we do not play the instrument anymore... the sense of belonging and sentimental value never depreciates.

Realistically, even if someone is having financial problems it shouldn't have taken THAT long to come back to claim the piano. I can sense their deep sentimental linkage to the piano, how many would claim a piano sold more than 10 years ago? But they should have taken other factors into account too, like for example the piano has been with you for so long what makes them feel you have lesser sentimental value of it? If both of you holds the same sentimental value, what makes his more important than yours?

If it was me, the least I could at least offer is not only buy back the piano but also buy you a replacement if you really feel like owning one. If that thing really meant that much to me, it will be the last thing to be sold even if I am facing financial difficulties.

Asking me now, no I will not sell it and that still does not make me a bastard. Therefore, it doesn't make you an evil person too. Why is treasuring a gift from your father evil? Afterall, he used his money to buy it. It's a transaction - period!

Calv said...

well understood. look like all above said, i'm going to say the same thing. no obligations in selling. if u really wanna have the piano due to sentimental purposes or coz u still use it (using from time to time still using it), then there's no point selling back at all.

unless to you do not have much feelings attached to that piano then i think u could sell it off for the sake of some side income.

after 10 years only that family come and ask back? u sure u check properly ah? maybe inside got some hidden stash of money or something...hmmm.

iwan c.m.n. said...

double the price, buy a new one lah evie. I know you're smarter than that :)