I said I dun do tags anymore but noooooooooooo, still got people want to tag me, hahahaha I know, you just can't leave me alone for a day, I'm just too irresistible for you, wukakakaka.... *let me bug pinksterz first wukakaka* but tak ape since this tag Mr Calvin is the one who author it, I give face and do... wukakaka...

#Here's the rules. All you gotta do is post the most stupid picture of yourself doing the most stupid / lame / weird / embarassing act that someone asked you to pose for a picture. Secondly, Just tag 5 people to do it, Then you're done. OK?!

Ah yes, this is the only bodoh looking pic I have, Calv took pic of me makan Kenny Roger's muffin, (=_=)" membodohkan, and also, the pic is quite old dee, I mean, WHO THE HELL KEEPS STOOPID WEIRD LOOKING PHOTOS OF YOURSELF? Wukakaka, not me, only Calv I guess, kahkahkah. So I only managed to find one and only pic (apart from the high on W pic wukakaka).

Also, this was how I looked like 2 years ago when I was working outside. I dress like that and looked like that, so nah! I've done this tag, now your turn!! *bluek* Now you people kena from me:

Jian , you kenot run from me...
SleepyHao , Jian kena you also will kena...
Cazzy , Wukakaka I know you have :P
Be3Be3 , Hahahaha, don't care you go find one and put...
3.8 , Don't care you put also... wukakaka... layan me larh can or not!!


pinksterz said...


auntie evie!


Calv said...

wahahahahaha really memperbodohkan wahahahaha. but then hor, thanks for doing my tag. :P

3POINT8 said...

Tot u don't do tags one??
*looks at picture*
yea...i agree...that is 1 stupid looking girl... i wonder who is that??

*after reading your post*
oh wait...u mean, thats you?? Oooo.....the way u eat muffin, very elegant

Jian said...

auntie... your shirt gonna burst lor..

don't curi your sister shirt to wear lar..

x said...

wukakakakaa....jian is going to get some slapping liao

susu...i nak susu...cap evie :P

zewt said...

who the hell keeps stupid photo of themselves???



Iced Nyior said...

looks like u were trying to korek ur teeth with ur fingers.

Evie ahh! I cant make it tomorrow. I just rmbred that I promised my friends I'd go out with them the day i finish exams (coz I've not really been meeting them lately).

Was looking forward :( but I made promises to them first. Sorry!

Cazzy said...

You don't look bad what. Of all things, I think you look quite good here. Why you tag me??? Teruk betol.

Out of my 9732543648273487324342 pictures of me, 90% of those pictures are stupid looking lor. Where do I even start.

I will blog when I am free. Currently I have been so busy. Summer time ma. Lotsa BBQ to go to and lotsa socializing.

Princess Eileen said...

wukakakakakakakakakkaa... eh, i only got cute pics.. wukakaka... maybe tonight I should post stupid pics to do this tag :P

Calvin's Wife said...

Bodoh betui >.< apa?!

All your fault~!

(=_=)" you wait laaaa....

It is mine larh kuku you~! *slapslap*

Bodooh la you, ishk~!

Not me keeping, it's in calvin's folder. *bluek*

:( So mean, never mind the next one you come ok? ;)

Wukakakakakka so many pictures of yourself hah? Sudah trillion tuh wakakakaka....

Okay anytime, have fun during summer ;)

Calvin's Wife said...

WUkakakaka, yes, u got tagged by Calv rite? Kahkahkah... maybe you can grab him n post with you tonite LOL...

Calv said...

wat my fault? see i bring so many ppl to read ur blog and so many comments. good ma...no meh?

on the side note, i still cant stop laughing when i see ur pic wahahaha

hao said...

Auntie, you overtrim your eyebrows ah? HAHAHAHAHAHA

Jian kena you back, you also won't run away from me... WAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

Calvin's Wife said...

Damn you all (=_=)"

3POINT8 said...

Tag done!