Ello ello, wukakaka so sorry peeps I cannot answer your calls on my cbox, something wrong liao, must be too much spammings going on in there... tsk tsk you all, make my life so hard WUKAKAKAKA, no la no la, joking, I love all of your spammings (=_=)" *sounds so wrong*

Anyways, I'll be back on working hours, 9 - 6, yeah, me sudah mula kerja kat rumah dee... best thing is to work from home wukakaka, but yeah, I would not be frequently updating my blog, but you still can hope and visit me everyday kahkahkah. I'll try my best to accommodate demands wukakaka, ptui, *punyer tebal kulit* kahkahkah, okay larh, for a short update.

I went to the opening ceremony (was it even one?) of a good friend's. Yesterday was the actual official "feng shui" date to start operating business for him larh basically wukakaka. I am working for this B.O.S.S wukakaka, anyways the name of this particular company is ET Hub, please go and sibuk at their site :P. It is kinda new and needs some extra touch up wukakaka, *he will kill me* but it is a cute site.

I am now officially working with them too, what is it? It's for me to know and for you to find out, yet. Wukakakaka, soon, soon, I will break the news to you, as for now, you will just have to bear with my workloads complaints and scoldings wukakaka....

Okay, I will try to update new posts as soon as I have some time off from MSN wukakaka, and my current assignments. :P And now, a pic of me in the car while waiting for B.O.S.S to come jemput me to his office kahkahkah, yes I need people to open my car door and take me hands. :P

*"faster la B.O.S.S, so slow, sudah sms you where I wait for you
also you so "man-thun-thun" bleurk and you somemore
can tell me you didn't read my sms cos you thought it wasn't from me,
(=_=)" got phone for what like that??" :P


pinksterz said...


Nux V said...

wuahaha....queen of sepam is in action alr!

x said...

bapak lamanya to load itu ET hub....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

got nude pic ka situ :P

Jian said...

online from Mukah~~~

*feeing lonely...sob sob*

3POINT8 said...

Eh??? Evie working??
That is some news...