UPDATE: Okay, hubby would be tagging along ^^, but that means I cannot stay up too late cause he has to work on the next day hehehe...

Okay peeps, this list I copy and paste from Princess Eileen's, I lazy to write though I edited some content from hers (=_=)" wukakakaka.. this woman... she needs backside slap, anyone wanna offer to spank her arse for me? Guys? :D

Anyways, peeps, some complaint 2 gifts are too much, maybe, cos the food we gonna eat is gonna be pricey. So we are changing it to per gift per person. I already got mine gau-tinged. Oh yah, my hubby will not be there cause he ada kerja nak buat and further more I will be stealing the car to use on that day so unless he wants to take a bus or walk and come, wukakakka, then he'll be there hehehehe... or maybe his colleague wants to come then okay he will be there... I mean, how can Calvin's Wife punya husband won't be there... wukakakak, so wrong rite? LOL... I think he more fehmes than me in blogosphere wukakakaka...

Also, please mind this woman's (Eileen) sayings about me... aishkk, I owe you two arse spankings now... so yeah, after we have our dinner we'll be having more activities later on, those who want to stay can join us to see Eileen dance her life out wukakakak, I heard she's a hot dancer kih kih kih, so come and find out for yourself :P. We are still accepting RSVPs, so please don't hesitate to email me your name and nombor talipon just in case you didnt arrive I can call up and slap you on the phone wukakakka...

****Bloggers gathering RSPV list****
1. Snow wolf
2. Huei
3. Snow wolf's friend (prolly)
4. Snow wolf's friend (prolly)
5. Khengsiong (coming late)
6. Tom (I want my air ticket!)
7. Eugene
8. Fattien
9. Hungwei
10. Yatz
11. Yatz's gf
12. Nkwai
13. Calv
14. Fiona
15. Maria
16. Michael
17. Alan
18. Wilson
19. Tingtitlei
20. Zewt (prolly)
21. Zewt's gf (prolly)
22. Anston (prolly)
23. Mich (prolly)
23. Meor (my gf)
24. Emily (my gf)
26. Princess Eileen

Anyway, we are still open to RSPV and those who are interested but name not listed above, please drop me an email at ngieng@gmail.com or post a comment here. Thanks and hope to see you all then. Actually hor, I met more than half the people up there, wukakaka, what's this gathering for? To go see EVIE'S HUBBY lar. U better dress to kill, dude!


pinksterz said...

rumour has that eileen is going to do belly dancing!

source: reuters :D

zewt said...

must dress to kill? can i come in shorts? :P

Calvin's Wife said...

wukakakaka... that is your job... she kenot she only do rnb dance moves wukakakaka...

wukakakaka... u can come in singlet and boxers... we dont mind as long as you come wukakakaka...

3POINT8 said...

WoW....there are more than 20ppl now! Envy u people. Now i'm wishing I can be there!

Simple American said...

Can I show up on Skype? Honorable mentions? Most wishful to be present notice?

Princess Eileen said...

Wukakaka.. eh, I doubt I wanna do my sexy moves in front of all these people. Got princess image to keep. Wukakaka.... Pinkster, I wouldnt dare to do belly dancing, is ur strength. Hahaha

Kenny Ng said...

Too bad no flight to come back on 22nd Nov night from Dubai, if not I can make it. I only manage to reach KL on 24th early morning.

Calvin's Wife said...

Heheheh you can always ask Eileen to kasi skype the gathering geh.. but dunno the curve got wifi or not jek 0_o LOL

LOL, hmmm....... I'm not sure if that place has wifi wukakaka... if there is, we'll drop by your blog and let your blog see us kih kih kih...

Princess Eileen:
Wukakakakak.... princess dances waltz wan wor... have you practised yours yet? LOL

Kenny Ng:
Haiyoooooooooor... sikit lagi ma siok lor.. then you can tag along :( Aiseh I'm gonna miss out you at the gathering.... :(

Jian said...

:( sien kenot join....huhuhuh