A year comes and then goes just like that *snaps fingers*, I remembered my freaky weird dream in January like I just dreamt of it yesterday, I will never forget that idiotic dream of mine, it was one of the most humiliating and disgusting act, luckily in my dreams larh... then it was Chinese New Year, I remembered eating McDonald's like nobody's business, well practically because that is the only entertainment for us grandchildren when it comes to CNY. McDonald was opposite grandma's housing area, wukakaka.. so when we are bored, we'll go there to have some smokes and chill the night out... kahkahkah.... as a result I got constipated during CNY, too much of McD i guess hua hua hua... I also posted up pics when i was young in February, some one called me tomboy somewhere cis, BENGHAN, *slap* ...

Then it came March, this is the month where me and hubby got ourselves registered as a couple for life, no turning back, cannot regret.. wukakakaka... and I remembered the registrar told us to make more babies, so that the Chinese population here grow larger in amount WUKAKAKAKAKA... all my important friends and family members came, I really appreciated that alot cos they had to take leaves to attend our ceremony in the morning wukakakaka... thank you thank you~!! :P

And then I voted for some candidates (actress) to be my lesbo partner IF I ever turned into one, wukakakaka... oh it was in this month too that I first met freaky people in cinemas, i know some of you can still recall the story, and still can laugh your hearts out, especially JOHN and BEE~!! Well, bee met hers too while with me actually in April WUKAKAKAKKA, the uncle who laughs when a ghost scene appears WUKAKAKKAKAKA...

In April, I tagged along with hubby with his colleagues to Kampar and some small hot spots around that area. I gained my first big hit (wukakakka) with this comic of mine I did on illustrator... on the unfaithful mind, kihkihkih... and attended Good Charlotte's mini concert in Bukit Jalil... :P

In May, I visited Miri for the first time in my life (stayed at Bee's house :P) and I joined quite a number of competitions because I thought birthday girls always gets lucky on their month of births :P ... I joined the HP Skin contest and got myself a beanie cat for getting shortlisted (>.<) and the most eventful one, Pirates of The Caribbean Volvo Hunt 2007 *wide grin* Though we didn't win, we had an eventful journey solving great puzzles online, best of all, we met a whole bunch of new brilliant friends online from all around the world, and oh getting our names published on the newspapers too WUKAKAKAKA... :P

As for June, I gave out some simple tips on the art of Gua Sha, you can view them here. June was kinda a DEAD month for me cause I was kinda upset for not being able to solve the final puzzle for Volvo, and worst of all, it was freaking easy GOD-DAMN-IT... sigh, anyways... in july, we got introduced to vegetable molestation here, wukakaka and I bought my ever first saree with Bee, :P... and had my first dosage of Warcraft too kuangkuangkuang, I finally knew why it was addictive LOL..

August I visited Awana Kijal, and my keropok lekor i didn't goreng it wukakaka i finally threw them away from my freezer last month WAHAHAHA... and had my first package from New Zealand with love *hearts Cazzy* :P It was on 31st August too I had Wei Wei :P ahh cute Wei Wei... September was eventless, more like a month of Wei Wei wukakaka... almost everything I blogged in September was about her.. :P

October was the month where I finally got out of an asian country and smell the ang mohian's air, :P, yeah this was the month i visited Perth and my mother in-law with hubby. I had the time of my life there and it was a place and life I would like to spend for the rest of my days... ahh, the grass and the sky, I missed them loads... ;) AND THE WINE~!!

In November, me and the rest close blogger friends got sick and infected with Macho Macho Man and Tranny fever... >.< this dude mia pasal larh... tsk tsk... anyways, this was the month me and Eileen and Calv held our first bloggerz gathering... ;) it was a great one and i pretty much enjoyed myself there, i wanna thank everyone again for giving face LOL.

December was all about Xmas and the shopping spree and the after effect of shopping.. ZzzZz Brokeness wukakakaka.. anyways yeah.. xmas was good this year as I finally got a digicam for xmas *hearts hubby* :P ... December has always been the end of everything to me, the end of the sucky year I had and the end of bad lucks... :P

So hola 2008~!! May you bring great lucks to me and my friends and family this year and great healths... *grins* I want unlimited cash flow in my pocket too and I seriously hope my Euro investment works in February *cross fingers and toes* then my dream will come true, sigh.. FASTER~!!!

So I leave you with a bad news and a silly pic of me during the early gathering in November :P.. oah bad news, petrol price going up by 20 cents, rumor or the truth? Don't wait to find out, faster go pump your tank first larh aduss... wukakkaka.. what a way to start a new year huh? Good luck everyone~!! *winks*


x said...

yay first

everyone can eat my dust ...

i should have burn you 10 copies of macho man songs and fool you that it was the sim2 mia cd ..yay!!!!

Anyway....i started following your blog in June i think and didnt know that you got your cherry popped in March..wukakakakaka



to you
to your better half
and to wei wei ..:P

and Anna MOlly too


pendekarwanitabermatapanda said...

* farts *

You can smell my petai fart, X :P

happy new year 2008 Evie muah..
All the best in this coming year ... bad luck pls go away.. shoo shooo~

I pray so taht Evie cepat kaya and can bagi me sikit :P

SilverIsle said...

Gosh. Your picture (I think you should know which) scared me. Almost pressed the "x" button. My mum was behind me lar. LOLz.

Anywayz, hope your 2008 will be a better one oh! And yea, please help spreading the Chinese population in this country. LOLz.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Wah! Carrot can be use like that kar??? Happy new year & may all ur wishes cum true!

Jason Phoon said...

wow , has it been one year since i read your blog ?

ok , i'm not sure, lemme go find the first comment from you ^__^

happy new year HOT MAMA ! hahahaa

3POINT8 said...

9 months later after march would be december!
Hey, that means i can claim an ang pao from you this coming CNY!! Anticipating...

Anyway, Happy New Year!!
to you, your hubby, your family, your families and your friends.

[Btw, that micheal teo fella wasn't me.]

Calv said...

wahahaha happy new year!! the last picture is da BOMB! i love it