Me & hubby with our humble little Xmas tree~

Me & Anna Molly, wukakakaka... my sis~

Calv's gifts from mommy's tree~

5 pieces of apparels
1 piece of green froggy plush
1 set of personal grooming tools
1 bottle of EDT Adidas
1 set of men's collection
1 set of contour pillow (sudah digunakan dengan serta merta)

My gifts from mommy's tree~

1 set of toilet accessories
1 set of Elianto's grooming care
5 pieces of piggy handphone straps
3 pieces of apparels
1 piece of Panasonic Lumix FX100
1 piece of piggy plush
1 set of piggy bank
1 set of BioGlo pore cleanser mask
1 piece of Ikea's Vase

Wei's gifts from mommy's tree~

Various packs of treats of assorted flavors
1 piece of apparel
1 piece of reindeer plush

Best of all, a whole year supply of goodies for
the sweet toothies... ~


pinksterz said...

ni mesti tak lain tak bukan syndrome dapat camera baru.

terus upload pics! FUIYOH!


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Wah! Sooooo many gifts!!! Happy new year & marry x-mas!

Jian said...

mana I punya present evie jie jie~~
*blink blink*

x said...

now you start calling your sister Anna Molly liao ..wukakakak....

bestnya those gifts,i had no pressent to open this year :(

Jeles la, wei wei also got , i dun have :(

oiii, kata nak diet, all those candy will ruin it la, come on...send it over :P i help you with it :P

iwan c.m.n. said...

merry christmas, evie. You look young lah in these pics.

kimfei said...

wah...why never send me some all time favourite ler..

x said...

i want god son

i want god daughter

i want dog son

i want dog daughter


Nux V said...

i want candies and chocolates! com'on share wif us ;-)

Calvin's Wife said...

Tsk, ahbuthen?? Wukakakakka.... *does the eyebrows*

Ngek ngek thank you thank you~!! same to you too ang moh~!!

*eye shine* where's mineeeeee?!!

yalah all your fault cheh~! Kakaka you come visit us i give you a present la, bring wowoa along i share wei's treats with her :D ...

Wat~!! my candies ah? you come lah!!

Achechechehh.... i always look young ok... *pouts* wukakakka dun la angkat my kaki okay... :P merry xmas to you too iwan :P

wakakakka come here lah aiseh.. anyone of you want soem of them come here i give you...

slowly wait larh you... ZzzZZzzz why dont you berak one yourself out with Cen??

:P come visit me :P