Monday I went to Jogoya with me girls and my young sister-in-law from Perth. I had to pick her from BU to KL an di tell ya, it was one friggin' journey just to go KL. We took like, 2 hours plus to reach there, so imagine the freaking jam! Oh plus the rain, it was just killing me in the car, Melody had to bear with all my cursing all the way... wukakakaka.

Food was good, and because it was a 50% off for the ladies, people were actually snatching for the good food around the buffet line ups. You barely get your hands on the oysters or the huge prawns, BUT I was lucky enough to get some of them cause they always refill them in time everytime I'm near the tables, wukakakaka. Damn them office ladies and office uncles, grabbing all of them IN A SINGLE PLATE, niaseng betul. Memang auntie and uncle, langsung tarak class ptuihh~.

As for yesterday, I took mom and step dad out to BSC to get some groceries for Christmas, man, the traffic was horrible. I tried convincing them to go on Friday cause I knew yesterday was a public Holiday for Selangor. BUT they insisted cause they were afraid the turkey would be out of stock at Cold Storage. *sigh* So yeah, I had to jam my arse at certain parts ESP BANGSAR.

*chatting with pinky mudder while updating blog* Today I went to collect clothes from Voir group of companies at Sunway pyramid. Aiseh, for so many months I've not been there, Sunway Pyramid certainly had change alot... they have great stores and some of them are my favvies. Not bad, I used to think Sunway Pyramid is boring wukakakka, and yeah I loaned almost 8 bags full of items from them for review purposes (online mag review) and I had to carry them all by myself. Like a shopperholic and a big fan of Voir's (=_=)".

Anyways, tomorrow will be in office to do shoots on the loaned apparels. I must say, Voir clothings are as similar as Padini's Concept Store, quality and design, I mean how far can these young fashion go right? Worst, they'll be opening soon right opposite Voir. Wukakakka, best... rivalry! LOL...

So yeah, Friday have to go see papa (real one) to help him get some things done. This week, I must say, I was out most of the whole time and I miss being with my retarded adopted family on MSN WUKAKAKAKKA.... never mind, a lot of time to mingle around with in the future :P... but i am sure as tired as hell... driving for the whole week sucks, there'll be a day when I'm rich enough to hire a chauffeur wukakakakka, I'll really do that seriously! Though am driving an auto car... i really kesian sama those who drives a manual in KL, must be really suck bad time.

Anyways, I'll be updating again erm... see when larh wukakaka.. maybe for saturday lame jokes.. :P Till then, have a great day ahead ya'll~!!


pinksterz said...

harlow there my retarded dotter!


omg the way you laugh on webcam....*speechless*

*shake head*

anyway in the future i doubt you will have much time to chat with us liao because you will be urm, busy, urm nurturing something :P

x said...

take some pic in the dressing room :P

anyway, who is the model? someone's sister??wukakakakakka

yala..I foresee Evie turning into a big time mag editor cum photographer...

I have to agree as generation moves down....the more retarded it will get ...therefore the less retarded one are the grandparents...yay!!!

3POINT8 said...

Retard ppl retard ppl. Man, those ppl are fun to look at. Just like looking animals in the zoo..
Ang gu gu....

Btw, I prefer to drive manual over auto anytime!