Last evening, JP and Nicole (driver wukakak in her hot car) came all the way to Kepong to find me *does the eyebrows*. I feel so *melt* wukakakkaka cos it's quite a journey from PJ to Kepong, ahhh nice people, and then later Calv (not my Calv yea) came and join us after his working hours, :P .... Sweeeeeeet~!

That was a final meet up with JP cos he is going back to OZ and his book life tomorrow wukakakaka... *does the eyebrows again*. Anyways yea, have a safe trip to you JP, it was a great pleasure to meet and talk nonsense with you, :P will miss kacao-ing you wukakakakaka... *hugs*

Hope to see you at the end of 2008 *does the eyebrows AGAIN*, try to bring your arse to my wedding day.... I'm waiting for my big ang pau from you :P


x said...

Eh, why didnt call me along, i think i will just photoshop myself into this pic la so that i can be in the outing too :P

:: Nicole :: said...

yikes! i look FAT!!! *hiding myself*

eh, where are the other pictures?? u simpan ar??

Russ said...

Wah.. Evie, u got new kaki now ah? hehee.. hey Nic said ur not scared when she drives fast.. bet u never sat in a twin turbo GTR before :P

Jason Phoon said...

Hey, whos' that hensem guy in the middle ??

joking joking

hey , where's the picture with you ?? hehe, why simpan simpan.

it was really fun hanging out with you guys, laugh until can die weii. see you soon!