My Sambal udang Petai, for CenNi, wukakakakka... she made me go to the wet market and buy petai, she made me crave for it.... so this is for you.. :P my ever fehmes sambal udang petai, my sibblings love it... *does the eyebrow*


pinksterz said...


i boycott ur blog la like this

:: Nicole :: said...

wah! i need to learn from u how to be a good housewife :P at least to learn how to cook! lol!

zewt said...

your majesty... can you please please cook once for me?

x said...

I also want, but dun want the prawns only ...unless you de-shell it :P

3POINT8 said...

Someone's fart is gonna be smelly~~~

Princess Eileen said...

Wukakaka.. kokfye that's a good one :P Aiseh, looks really nice, when are we going to have a potluck over at your place? I will bring a pot that brings luck. Wukakaka.

Kenny Ng said...

Damn miss it... my favorite la!!! *crying*

x said...

i want petai wei wei :P

Calvin's Wife said...

apelarr budak nih, i told u my plan dee wat, wukakak when i visit u in egypt i bawak one bunch of them to egypt n cook for you wukakakka..

wukakakka go search for recipes, im sure u can do as well as me, I'm a beginner as well :P

WAKAKAKKAKA sai em sai i cook for you ohh.. jules la cook for you.. :P

ZzZZZ picky, cook urself la.. btw its deshelled liao ok

and its gooooooooooood :P

wukakakakka i need laods of luck now, *does the eyebrow* wukakakaka... wait till i shift in the new house la :P

:( kesian you, there dun have meh?

sacrifice your woawoa lar wukakakka