Today no saturday lame jokes, I'm sick of it... I'll be changing it to something else later on, let me think of it... here are some pics of our little niece on her one year old birthday. :P I'm uploading these pics without her mom's consent wukakakka... shhh, but she's just too adorable not to show to the world... anyways, her name is Ellena... another E *does the eyebrows*... I guess girls mia name that starts with an "E" are beautiful women.. *does the eyebrows again*

So yeah, enjoy the pictures... and have a great weekend... rest well, as for me, am gonna go visit my father in-law to discuss 'things', wukakakka ah, hope for me it's gonna be all well and good... wait for good news, well, maybe bad, who knows :(... wish me luck though....

Her expensive balloons, Mickey main role here.. her
favvy character :P

Yeah, it's Bianco Bistro we were at for the party,
the food is good and value for your money,
I found another hang out spot dee *does the eyebrows*

Melody 'discussing' with her other cousins,
"Well, if he likes me... he should be doing this and this,
but the prob is, bla bla bla... " wukakakka

Ellena and my sister in-law, means her mom larh...
got same face ah? :P She look like her dad more actually.

Ellena the cheeky girl with her friend Caleb..
she reminds me of my one year old birthday bash
as well,
ah memories...

Her beautiful and delicious cake... Mickey again.

Ellena and her hot aunts, wukakakka,
they're gonna kill

me if they sees this :P, HOT AUNTS.

I like this pic best, Ellena doing her 'pig face'
while hubby
carrying her... :P So how?
Got the fatherly look

or not? *does the eyebrows* wukakakaka...

Again, Melody and Ellena and one of the hot aunt,
wukakakaka... *does the eyebrows*


pinksterz said...

eh i got new theory.

every name which
1. starts with E
2. got three syllable
3. rhymes with 'na'

sure the person will be super duper cute and gorgeous wan.

like ELLENA!

and ELLINA (my name)! LOL!

SilverIsle said...

OMG. Super cute lar! And your B&W photos make it feels like your childhood pictures. Haha.

x said...

yes i agree your hubby does have the father look and also he is ready to have some kids of his one.

OK, start the baby making machine and go make me a go daughter , I prefer a girl :P

Princess Eileen said...

Yes gals that name starts with an E... BEAUTIFUL!!!! Wukakaka... but pink is wrong, must go with 2 syllabus and end with leen only ABSOLUTELY PRETTY!!! Wukakaka

Yes, ur hubby got fatherly look. So kegzel exercise huh. Wukakakaka.... So how's the discussions with in law? *both eyebrow raisings emoticon inserted*

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Wah! Nice b&w pic!!! Have a nice day! He! He! Actually I look forward to ur sat joke!

Nux V said...

when's your turn to hav a daughter?? kihkihkih...
lil' gals are cute!